Though widgets are not on their prime these days, they still make your homescreens attractive and “your own”. Few years ago widgets were an essential feature that set Android apart from its competition. However, people still use widgets to set there devices apart from others and also for ease of access. Here’s a list of the most popular best android widgets.

Battery Widget Reborn:
Price: Free / $1.99Best Android Widgets - batterywidgetreborn
This previously beta app has now blossomed into the most popular battery widget. Its sleek and highly customizable features also allows the user to change its shape and size, so that it’ll go well with almost any theme you use. This widget is very informative about your battery which provides all the battery stat you need. Battery Widget Reborn also features Dash Clock, Torch, and many more. Though there are some bug that may occur on some devices (like failed PlayStore Authentication), this app is a must have.

Beautiful Widgets:
Price: Free / $2.75beautifulwidgets
Beautiful Widgets has been around for quite a long time and is very popular among users. This widget app offers many widget styles and sizes with hundreds of themes to suit your needs. Beautiful Widget offers wide variety of widgets including clock, weather, toggles, batter, and many more. Its customization feature led it to become the first paid app to reach 1 million downloads on the PlayStore. But this app is not immune to bugs. There are some bug here and there such as issue preventing the widgets to display correct weather report dues to inaccurate GPS. For older and less powerful devices, this may be slow and laggy and even unresponsive sometimes.

Clock Now:
Price: Freeclocknow
As the name suggests, this is a minimal styled clock widget and toggles. Due to its neutral black and white theme, it’ll look beautiful on almost any theme. Unfortunately Clock Now offers only few customization options. If you’re looking for more than just clock and toggles, this app is not for you. The developer of this app has terminated the support for this app so after a time period this’ll be incompatible with everything.

DigiCal +:
Price: Free / $4.95digical
This is one of those few “good” calendar widgets out there that display required information. With its transparency and neutral color, it look good on most of the themes. Its shape and size is highly customizable as it offers six different calendar views and widgets that also work on lockscreen. However, $4.95 is still a steep price for some users and you even have to pay for weather forecast if you want the widget. Users may experience few glitches on UI on older devices.

HD Widgets:
Price: $1.99hdwidgets
HD widgets is Beautiful Widgets’ near competition. This widget has almost every features Beautiful Widgets has with few of its own. It offers amazing level of customization with numerous theme packs. The package includes clock, weather, toggles, and battery widgets to name few. The price is also acceptable seeing the level of features and customization functionality it has to offer.

Price: Freetaptu
Taptu is a fee and unique news widget. It is more customizable than most of the news readers out here and is faster too. It has social media support to, so it can be used to check social media. However, some of the features it offers will rarely be used or in some cases will not be used at all. There has been reports of the server not working properly which still hasn’t been fixed. Apart from its less frequent bugs, it is a must have app for all news readers who wants news on their homescreens.

UCCW – Ultimate Custom Widget:
Price: FreeUCCW
This widget app is like no other. This app came into fame with its initiative to create our own widgets with your own features, theme and colors. Although there are limited actions that you can assign to the widgets you’ve created, this is great if you don’t find what you’re looking for in other widgets. You can create widgets for Gmail unread email counts, miscall counts, battery, clock and many others. You can create your own skins or download them. But before using this app you have to actually learn about it. This app is still a work in progress with minor bugs here and there.

Zooper Widget:
Price: Free / $2.49zooper
This app is much like UCCW which let you create your own widgets. However Zooper is much more polished and you can create extraordinary stuffs with this. Zooper offers load of customization along with amazing features even in the free version. Zooper is a work in progress to so you can expect some bugs.

Although PLayStore offers numerous collection of widgets, these best android widgets tops them all. If you feel like we’ve missed something drop us a comment and we’ll review it for you. Cheers.



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