Sync NotesThere are a few app that lets you note down something and sync it to cloud for online access anywhere. Google Keep and Evernote are two popular name in this category. However these two app can be difficult for some people to operate as they though a loads of features or they just don’t want to use these apps. If you are trying to find an app to write notes and sync it to your Google Drive or DropBox without loads of features you barely use, then Sync Notes is the perfect app for you.

This simple android app – Sync Notes is built for one purpose only – to save your notes online. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save it locally on your storage. You can note down thing pretty fast even if your offline and later you can sync to online. This is a pretty basic app with simple interface. This app can no way compete to giants like Evernote or Keep, and it not meant to do that either.

Just as you open the app, you can see the home screen that displays all your notes and you can tap each to open. Click the “+” icon to quickly create new notes and “magnifying glass” icon to search for you notes if you have many.

Though this app is a basic, you can still edit your notes with few features such as changing the font size, change the background color of the notes to easily identify them, and change the font type. You can assign a title (Subject) to your notes to help you identify the notes easily. And you don’t have to worry about losing a note when you accidentally press the back button as it automatically saves the note if you do so.

If you don’t need a note anymore, you can long press the note displayed on the home screen and delete it. Doing so will also bring up save and export options. As all the notes are labeled with a creation date and you can manually label a note defining it as a work note, or personal note or as an idea to name few. For security, you can password protect the notes if you feel they are classified. This feature is enabled from “Sync Notes” screen.
This is a free app created by Manthena Murali.



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