If you’re a music maniac or a movie lover, you may have a lot of videos in your smartphone. In those high-end phones available in the market, usually, most of the videos are played by the in-built video player. In case you’re a mid-range smartphone user, probably your built-in player may not support some of the videos, or you may just be looking for extra video player options for some refreshment. If you’re a newbie for android and are searching for some good apps to play those music or any other videos in your smartphone, here are some of the best free video play apps, which can be downloaded from google play store:

List of Best free video player for android

MX player

Developed by J2 Interactive, this is probably the best free video play apps in the world, available to download for free. You can download the MX player from the google play store, and it’s not even that much heavy. It’s UI is so simple, and its speciality is it can be installed in every type of android phones, from very low end to very high-end phones. It’s probably the best video player since it can play almost all formats of the video contained in your smartphone, even of higher pixels than your phone or GPU can load. For example, in your Samsung Galaxy S Duos, the phone’s in-built player can’t play the 720p videos, but it can, so easily and inefficient manner. It has a lot of options inside it, and even supports the subtitle, in case you don’t understand the video’s language. The free version contains ads, and you can upgrade it to the premium version which will not have any ads.

best free video play apps for android

Android video player

Android Video Player is currently the easiest-to-use video player on the market developed by Android Player. Its intelligent detection adaptive algorithm makes it more convenient for you to enjoy smoother, better quality videos. As a media player, Android Video Player can not only play high-definition videos, movies and flash files, but also play music. So Android Video Player can be used as a music player as well. Its other features include automatic identify all mobile phone video files,  supports all video and audio playback formats, supports multiple subtitle formats and automatic synchronization. Download here.best free video player apps

Real player

RealPlayer is one of the stalwarts of the digital music space, and though you may have long-forgotten about its PC-based software, the Android app is actually really nice. Its also one of the best free video play apps available in the play store. Developed by RealNetworks Inc., it’s a video, photo and music-playing app, and to access the former you must cast your eye to the bottom where you’ll see an icon helpfully titled ‘Video’. You’re then presented with a folder view and ‘all’ view, which is a good thing.You can search for any video stored on your device, and – the icing on the cake here – any video on the Web too. RealPlayer is a great little all-in-one media app, but if you’re specifically looking to watch locally-stored videos, then you’d maybe be better with something a little more dedicated than this, such as MoboPlayer. Download.

best free video player apps


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