In today’s world, we’ve been used to seeing a shift in weather with little or no warning. From mudslides and hurricanes to understanding just how ungodly hot it is out there, having a reliable weather app by your side will make a significant difference. There are a number of weather apps downloadable from the Google Play and Apps Store, but here’s the best of the lot for you. Here are the best weather apps in 2020.

Best Weather Apps in 2020


AccuWeather is a fantastic app that offers hourly, regular and 15-day forecast that can be combined with your calendar. The MinuteCast function also offers hyper-local, minute-by-minute updates for the next 2 hours.

Best Weather AppsThis weather app is extensive, with prediction data for more than 3 million places. The software also provides warnings for severe incoming weather incidents such as snow, thunderstorms, strong winds or tornadoes.

Carrot Weather

The app draws data from Dark Sky to include daily, hourly, and 7-day predictions with cynical humor to soften even the darkest outlook.

Best Weather Apps

Infographics bring valuable information within easy reach, with more extensive meteorological data accessible as you tap and swipe. You can also customize Carrot’s sense of humor to be nice, snarky, or violent.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky amazed many ios users with its super-accurate weather forecast when it first launched, and the software continues to build on the formula. A big update app puts more weather details right at your disposal. The ridiculously accurate forecast is now accompanied by a precipitation chart for the next hour, as well as a convenient hourly forecast and a precipitation graph.

Best Weather Apps

Such additions are paired with extreme weather warnings, personalized updates, and lock screen weather warnings. The key timeline also contains UV statistics and options for additional granular statistics.

Emergency: Alerts

Emergency is the kind of app you’re hoping you’ll never ever use, but when catastrophe hits, you’ll be happy you’ve got Emergency warnings on your iPhone or Android. The app takes note when weather conditions strike — from storms and flooding to excessive heat and snowstorms.

Best Weather Apps

Not only can Emergency track where you live, but you will also reach cities and people that are valuable to you. The software offers customizable warnings and includes a map with data on shelter in the case of an emergency.

The Weather Channel

The free, ad-supported Weather Channel app is available on both Android and iOS. The TWC app offers you with a variety of weather data such as temperature, wind, and visibility on an hourly or regular basis, with an extensive 10-day forecast available.

Best Weather Apps

Interactive maps will show the latest Doppler radar data showing rainfall and weather events and extreme weather warnings.


If you’re looking for diagrams, graphs, and projections, check out Flowx. Previously known as Weatherbomb, the app offers users a rich array of graphs, forecasts, and weather maps displayed in an interactive timeline. Users may automatically have an app center on their area, or set custom locations.

Best Weather Apps

Flowx will view a number of data overlays, such as precipitation, clouds and wind patterns, with data from the NWS / NOAA and Environment Canada. The software is ad-supported, with an alternative subscription to disable advertisements and reward the creator.

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