Games are the most popular type of mobile entertainment content, and games overall platforms are the top-grossing group. I’m going to take you through the games that you can enjoy on that infinite list to kill time. Here are the best casual games for Android in February 2020.

Best Casual Games for Android in February 2020

Big Hunter

Casual Games for Android in February

You might not have heard of this title but in the casual games category, this is one of the most entertaining. Built by a company called Kakrod Interactive, the game takes place in a tribal setting where 2D graphics are absolutely stunning. You are required to hunt down creatures like a Mammoth and Rhinos as a tribal hunter. The game feels and looks smooth and is definitely the best asset. The buttons and configurations don’t get in the way due to the simplistic style of design and you get straight into the action of hunting down those ancient creatures. The game is available to play for free with advertisements but for a cheap price, you can disable them. You’ll find yourself spending hours with more than 100 levels to each character.

Fast Like A Fox

Casual Games for Android in February

This is a platformer game developed by Fingersoft. The game uses abstract models based on vectors that look utterly fantastic. The game is based on a wilderness-based environment where you’ll be guiding a fox, letting it hop and run while still ensuring that you don’t end up falling into the holes. The way you handle the fox is the trick to this game. You need to keep pressing your 4 fingers to the back of your screen to get the fox going. The quicker you tap, the faster the fox will run.

Rest in Pieces

Casual Games for Android in February

This is a game with similar yet different gameplay like Temple Run where you need to dodge right or left to prevent hurdles. You’re a porcelain figurine hanging from a rope and you’ve got to jump from side to side to prevent being broken. Playing mechanics are easy to understand but it takes a great deal of time to learn to master it. The suspense theme is what really lifts this game over others. You are trying to save from their dreams a series of beautifully crafted characters, beginning with poor young Georgina and the scary clown. You will eventually get to select alternate skins for each character and before it’s over, you’ll square off against a Kraken, Medusa, and Dracula.

Exploding Kittens

Casual Games for Android in February

This smart card game is a good combination of strategy and chance as you and up to five other players try not to get blown to bits by a kitten that bursts. Kittens Exploding has a cartoonish, surreal aesthetic and includes a variety of strange cat-themed games.  Picking up and learning is quick but it requires a while to get used to. Best experienced in multiplayer, a single-player mode is available for practice or casual gaming.

Mini Metro

Casual Games for Android in February

At first, this sleek, strangely relaxing puzzle game seems basic, making you draw lines between stations to hold anything linked. Yet unexpected city expansion quickly throws up challenges and you’re going to unlock new cars, carriages, rail, tunnels, and other enhancements to help you develop a better subway system. There are 20 different cities to visit, each with its own look and special task that the river network offers. There are a couple of different modes and in daily challenges, you can battle with other gamers which makes you keep coming back.


Casual Games for Android in February

If you loved playing Legend of Zelda, then Oceanhorn may be your game. In addition to a captivating score, the famous title includes a strong plot and great visuals. It’s an open action-adventure filled with exciting missions, treasure dumps, demons, spells and solving puzzles. This RPG begins gently as you start to solve the events that led to your father past and get tossed into a greater journey in the old Arcadian kingdom. You will play the first chapter without paying to see if it will catch on to you. If you enjoy the game, you need to pay an amount to play the full game

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