It wasn’t an easy task to provide you with a list of the best survival games, because survival games are a fun series of games that can keep you entertained for hours. These are the type of video games where the main character must continue to move forward to keep himself alive and succeed and complete the task at hand. Such survival games mainly focus on the survival aspect. Let’s look at some of the best games for survival planned for the Android platform. Despite having selected these games by hand without due diligence, you may note that some of these games are not high up on the popularity list. This is because we want you to find new games that may not be on any standard list but are fantastic. For the detailed list please read on. Here are the best survival games for Android February 2020.

Best Survival Games for Android February 2020

Another World

This is an adventure game where the player is a scientist who mistakenly lands himself in an alternative reality. The goal as the scientist is to endure an almost relentless attack of bad guys, puzzles, and animals while you plot the escape. You also need to make efficient use of your resources, as they run out easily. Which means that you’ll need to be careful in using them. The only time you have to spend money is when purchasing the game itself.


Don’t Starve

Best Survival Games for Android February

You might have heard or even played this game as it is high up on the popularity list. The main protagonist Wilson, a brave explorer captured and taken into a mysterious world of wilderness. If you ever hope to escape and find your way home you will learn to control your surroundings and its occupants. Failure to do so will lead to sudden and unexpected death. When you visit this charming world, you’ll come across strange creatures, threats, and surprises. You’ll need to collect materials to craft survival items and do whatever it takes to survive.


It’s an action arcade platformer where you play as a boy looking for hidden treasures and venturing down a well. Each level is created procedurally so that no trips into the well are alike. Some stages have hidden cells to make things easier with special power-ups. Otherwise, a pair of Gunboots is your only tool. They allow you to swing and shoot the enemy underneath. Powerups can also found as you fall. The game looks and feels retro and it’s fun to play.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Series

These series of games belong to the survival genre of horror. There is a selection of five titles at the store. You are playing a character trapped in a position with mad robots and you have to be careful or they will kill you. Although the games may seem basic, there is a deeper plot underlying which you can try and figure out as you finish a level. Else the techniques are fairly straightforward and it’s a pleasure for those who enjoy jumping scares.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Best Survival Games for Android February

If you didn’t already know, Minecraft places you in a procedurally generated world and then you can do anything you want. You can make things up, mine, destroy, kill, raise and so much more. You could play with infinite resources in creative mode or mine deep into the world in survival mode where you’ll be constructing weapons and armor to protect yourself against the enemy.  The game is absolutely worth your time or to occupy your time.


Best Survival Games for Android February

In 2015, Limbo was launched and gained popularity quickly. You play as a boy finding his sister braves Limbo. Your task is to solve puzzles, kill monstrous beasts, and figure a way that will save her. The game utilizes silhouetted graphics that give it a unique feel. The challenges aren’t too difficult, but they do happen repeatedly, and new players might die figuring it out.

This War of Mine

The game gives you an entirely different perspective on seeing war. You play as a group of civilians struggling to survive the war; battling a shortage of food, medicine, and danger from snipers and violent scavengers. You have to outsmart and stop enemy snipers, collect items, keep people alive, and make many tough choices. The game Randomizes the world and characters every time you start a new game. Despite being a bit pricey, it is so wonderful that gamers don’t mind spending that money.

Survival Island

This is a free open world game where on the desert island you can roam about, kill wild animals, make your weapons using wood and rocks, and build a house. It’s an immersive survival simulation game with awesome 3D graphics. You can download and enjoy it offline.

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