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    Colby Jack

    You’re a firework >[[^;-;^]<

  2. 2

    Russ howard

    What if it wont let u do anything because of this error i cant get to any settings?

    1. 2.1


      Try rebooting to recovery and clear cache and dalvik cache.. that should work dude..

      1. 2.1.1


        i tried it but it did not work. Now i installed NOVA. Problem solved.

  3. 3


    Easiest way!

    Just go to settings>apps>all apps and then click on trebuchet launcher or whatever and first force kill it and then you have to delete the data next to move to sdcard

  4. 4


    Thank you so much!

  5. 5

    Shawn Jefferds

    Did the whole resetting both caches and I still get error that Trebuchet has crashed. If I go through the top right drop down, I can get Settings to start, but as soon as I touch ANYTHING, Settings stops working too. So frustrated. Now I’ve done a factory reset and it seems to be working again, sort of a pain in the arese to have to go through just because Trebuchet doesn’t want to play nice. I installed Nova Launcher and went through the process of setting everything up. Is there something special I should do to ensure that Trebuchet doesn’t cause issues int he future?

    CM11 on Samsung Galaxy S3 (ATT)

  6. 6

    Herman Brouwers

    Ok. Had the same problem, but solved it. On your pc, login to your Google account, go to play store, look for Nova launcher and click there install to your phone.
    While stuck in the trebuchet error notification, Nova will be installed because of your pc command to do so. Then click OK on the trebuchet error message and you’ll be able to choose the Nova launcher….
    Worked for me!!

    1. 6.1

      Lorne Shantz

      Thanks Herman!! I know EXACTLY what I did to cause it to crash! I slected a higher screen resolution than was already set. That was it. Could never get back into it. I cleared cache and still no go. You idea was brilliant.
      Because the crash was constant and persistent, you can NOT go to anywhere. I could barely get out of the report the crash!

      1. 6.1.1

        Lorne Shantz

        As a followup, Nova came up and asked me if I wanted to import all my settings. OF course I said yes. It comes up with a blank canvas. Nothing…. I was able to open an aleady opened settings program and put the resolution back down. But since I can’t get Nova to work, how can I get Trebuchert back?


          Herman Brouwers

          Strange. No problems with Nova.
          Try again on your pc, login to your google account and see if you can deinstall Nova.


          Lorne Shantz

          OK, as a followup. I could never get my icons to show on Nova..However the way I regained control, was deleted the cache for the specific app. Both launchers. Upon reboot it asked me which one I wanted to use. I had reduced the screen resolution already so chose the Trebuchet one and it has been fine ever since. I just know it will crash if I try to increase the screen resolution.

    2. 6.2


      Thanks . Trebuchet had me stuck badly.Couldn’t even launch Play store on my phone. Your solution was really intelligent and helpful :)

    3. 6.3
  7. 7


    MAN YOU’RE THE BEST! After long moments trying to fix it (using ADB and other stuff) you came up with the easiest solution! Thanks very much!

  8. 8


    I somehow spammed the Google now microphone button until it worked then I just went to play store from there and downloaded Nova

  9. 9

    Faizan iftikhar Ahmed

    yep 1st method worked and for those who can’t access their settings due to Trebuchet error, You can, by sliding down the notification bar and pressing settings. (y)

  10. 10


    thank u for sharing it’s working for cm11 in
    my htc desire c

  11. 11


    Thank you! Method 1 worked, but if not mentioned in previous comments (or if it was just me) I had to completely re setup all my apps on my homepages. Minor setback, just time consuming, but again thank you so much!

    Running CM11 Olympus on my Motorola Atrix 4g (not 4g LTE) haha. I need the Galaxy S6 in my life haha

  12. 12


    YOU DA REAL MVP! Had problems with latest CM nightly launcher and method 1 fixed it for me!

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  14. 14


    Trebuchet has Google search app dependency. If you enable it, the launcher works without issues.

    1. 14.1
    2. 14.2


      Thanks Ram ! That worked on my OpO !

  15. 15

    Lalit Kashyap


    please advise, can we remove trubechat from cell if yet then please suggest the method , I am unable to find it. there are only options when go to apps-force stop-clear data & clear cache. I just updated my Yureka cell this Friday & since then I am facing issue like auto restarting, trebuchat stopped working etc..


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