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    Lol Xzor

    I was blocking “Download Manager” with a firewall. Disabled the firewall and everything turned back to normal.

    1. 1.1


      how to block the download manager?

  2. 2


    lol, How am i supposed to download, Hideman VPN app, when the problem main problem is I can’t download anything!?

    1. 2.1

      pablo eme


    2. 2.2

      David Pratt

      Go to a browser and search “hide man vpn.apk. Download the app. Click on it in your notification screen or use your file management app to find it in your download folder….. Install it after checking the” unknown sources” box under Settings>Security>Unknown Sources

  3. 3


    error 496 solved!!
    Just reboot your cablemódem works to me!!!

    Reinicia tu cablemódem así de fácil funciono para mi después de probar todo por dos horas!!!

  4. 4


    Still i get error 495…. Pls help me…..

  5. 5


    In s3 I m not even able to update google search due to 495 error tryed vpn clear cashe removing google account and once again adding what should be done

  6. 6

    Larry Ollice

    Doesn’t work on Toshiba Thrive?????

  7. 7


    Tried a lot, even restored my mobile to it’s factory default all to no avail. I simply removed my google account, and added it back. Then cleared the cache of most of my apps( instagram and a few others) then it worked… Sony xperia z

    1. 7.1


      Still not working mate ::/

    2. 7.2


      Dude what Sony z type are You? Mine is z3 can this version work?

  8. 8


    Noble, thanks so much mate. Your advice worked :). cheers.

  9. 9

    kim sturrup

    I am still having error 495 pls help me…..I need to re-load whatsapp

    1. 9.1


      Check Nobel’s comment

  10. 10


    I was struggling with this for a good hour – cleared the cache for Google play, download manager, framework – no joy. I then noticed a lot of the issues are due to locations (hence the VPN fix) so I went to the ‘google settings app’ and access location was unticked. Checked it and now everything downloads fine.

  11. 11


    Tenía el mismo problema lo solucioné, activando el WiFi, Google hace la actualización utilizando no la red de datos sino el WiFi. Y me funciono para las actualizaciones e instalaciones nuevas.

  12. 12


    He had the same problem I solved it, activating the WiFi, Google makes the upgrade not using the net of data but the WiFi. And I work me for the upgrades and new facilities.

  13. 13

    sriram v

    just go to the applications, then settings and restore all applications to factory settings, that only solved my problem of error 495 while downloading

  14. 14

    Sagar Sontakke

    I faced the same 495 error issue. I tried clearing cache, forced stop, even removed accounts.
    But, finally when I turned off my wifi and switched to mobile data. It started working. Strange!

  15. 15


    I tried method 1, and it crashes my play store! It won’t start and says ‘no connection’ everytime I open! I followed the steps precisely! Pls help!

  16. 16


    i had a firewall installed, and initially i block everything until this error pops out, tried above methods, works once and error return again. later i tried switch off firewall and it started working…

  17. 17

    Daiane cristina

    Oi pessoal bom dia meu nome é Daiane e tb tive esse problema, consegui resolver verificando as opções: configurações > redes > uso de dados > restringir dados em 2º plano. Para conseguir baixar algo no Google Play essa opção deve estar DESABILITADA para todos os
    APP’s do celular. Após baixar o que tem interesse MARQUE esta opção p/ economizar bateria e assim você vai conseguiu usar a internet normalmente para navegar mais não vai conseguir baixar APP’s….abraço.

    Google Translate from Portuguese to English from above
    Hi, good day my name is Daiane and tb had this problem, I could solve checking options: settings> networks> data usage> restrict data in 2nd level. To get download something on Google Play this option should be disabled for all
    APP’s cell. After downloading the interest that has this option MARK w / battery save and so you will able to use the internet to browse more typically will be unable to download APP’s …. hug.

  18. 18


    method 2 works

  19. 19


    i fix this problem by installing the internet configuration sms i ‘ve received from my network provider (vodafone eg)

  20. 20

    Anss Iqbal

    It worked guys thank you very much……..if Wana information here is my name Anss Iqbal not my email address of Facebook anssiqbal@hotmail.com

  21. 21

    Sunny Gupta

    Your 3rd Methods worked with my android one. I was facing this problem since i got this phone in my hand. Now VPN actually solved the problem. Thanks for posting tricks.

  22. 22


    Try the methods and it became worse

  23. 23

    Muhammad Kashif Ashraf

    i have Dell Venue 7 tablet. i am facing 495 error while trying to download/update any app from Play store, tried all the options discussed above but nothing worked…please help me i have just purchased the tablet

  24. 24


    Dont do that what that fucking idiot written! I did it and now the google play doesnt work anymore, no connection error, i need factory reset, fucking idiot

  25. 25


    Would just like people to know that i found anti virus progs like AVG ect caused my issue with mine not working if you try the above and still have the issue it may be the anti virus blocking your playstore D/L just uninstall it or you could try fiddling with your anti virus settings

  26. 26

    Afnan Zayed

    I just have same model like your tab. And the problem solved but you must run hideman app every time you want to access and download any app by Google play

  27. 27

    Sami Ullh

    I ma using LG Optimus G pro. Sometimes it starts downloading sometimes it does not.

  28. 28


    i have tried the above steps for a while now but error is still there, my tab is huawei mediapad, plz help.

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