The Galaxy A51 is a good mid-range smartphone from Samsung which is powered by Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9611 processor and has 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage. It is a rather large phone sporting a 6.5-inch 1080 x 2400 pixels display. However, there have been complaints from the users about them facing an overheating problem on their A51. In this guide, we try to fix that issue. We’ll talk about the probable causes and solutions. Here’s how to fix overheating problem on Samsung Galaxy A51.

Fix overheating problem on Samsung Galaxy A51

We get why you’re concerned about his problem. Overheating could damage the internal components of the device. Other than that, it is simply too uncomfortable to hold an overheating phone. So that are the probable causes that make your Galaxy A51 overheat?

  • Gaming for a long period of time without giving your device some time to cool down could be the most probable cause of this issue.

Fix overheating problem on Samsung Galaxy A51

  • Streaming video content for a prolonged period of time could also make your device overheat.
  • Maxing out settings such as brightness, using excessive widgets or animated wallpapers can also make your device overheat.
  • If you’re into overclocking, it might be the reason for your device overheating. But if you know how to overclock, you probably know its consequences.

  • Overcharging can also overheat your Galaxy A51 by heating up the battery.
  • Excessive junk files, malware can cause your device to overheat.

So now that you know some of the most probable causes that could overheat your device, lets dive into the solutions.

  • Remove junk files using any popular cleaner like CCleaner can stop your device from overheating. If your device is infected from malware or viruses, install a good antivirus app and run a full system scan.

Fix overheating problem on Samsung Galaxy A51

  • Run your device on low power mode when you’re not using it extensively to stop it from overheating when it is on idle.
  • Never put your phone on direct sunlight. And if you’re gaming, do it indoors.
  • Do not game or stream content for longer than an hour without giving your device some rest. For every 1 hour of gaming or streaming, give your device rest of at least 15 minutes.
  • Use temperature monitoring apps like Cooling Master to monitor system temperature and optimize it to run it cooler.

Fix overheating problem on Samsung Galaxy A51

  • Restart your device at least once a week.
  • If you game or stream content too much, make sure you do that without the protective cover if you use one. Proper ventilation can stop the device from overheating.

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