youtube 5.7The video-streaming giant site, YouTube‘s application for Android OS platform, has recently been updated to version 5.7.36  and it has taken one step towards being close to the website version. The users can now select the streaming resolution in the latest version of YouTube. While the iOS version had this option for quite some time now, android users can “enjoy” the feature now (little bit late for the Android users though, since YouTube and Android are both owned by Google, and the Android users certainly had hoped to get the YouTube 5.7 update first).

Previously YouTube app just had the option to view the videos either in HD or normal resolution but with the recent update, users can enjoy the flexibility. If you are someone who uses YouTube in a slower internet connection or a limited data plan, then you will surely welcome the update. The default streaming on YouTube 5.7 defaults to “Auto” and you can adjust the pixel count, which is given as an option in your mobile screen. In our device, we could see the options of Auto, 144p, 240p, 360p and 720p respectively, as shown in the image. This will be certainly a good option, as you can set the quality of video as per your bandwidth speed, and as per the pixels of your smartphone’s screen. This will also be a must to welcome options for those who want to save their data by using less for the videos streaming by using YouTube 5.7 version.

The update is gradually making its way out to the consumer devices via Google Play Store, and will be available to almost all of the Android users out there very soon. But in case if you are one of those who can’t wait for goodness of this new feature in the YouTube app, you can head on to download the apk for YouTube 5.7, download it and use it according to your will at the right moment.

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