With the development of electronic media, the news, which was massively published in paper media in the past, transformed its way. Audio-visual electronic items then began to be used as the source of news, and the paper media slightly declined.
Recently, with the huge development of smartphones/tablets and other Best news app for android smartphonesimilar devices, and due to the wide coverage of Internet worldwide, the electronic media in the past is also being gradually replaced. People now want to do everything in the same device, and reading the news is also one of them. Moreover, in the smartphones/tablets category, the Android OS platform is hugely used all over the world, and is even in the growing stage. Here, we have the list of three Editors’ Choice news app which are available to download from the Google Play Store for free, and if you are searching for the best news apps for Android to download and install in your smartphone, this article could be of a great help for you. Below is the list given:

Three Best news apps for Android

1) Flipboard
Flipboard android appThe flipboard app is one of the best news apps for Android users available to download in the playstore for free. Flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news, read stories from around the world and browse the articles, videos and photos friends are sharing. To begin, pick a few interests and tap any of the tiles to begin flipping through your personal magazine. Here you can add blogs and publications like The New York Times, PEOPLE magazine, Fast Company and many more by using the search bar or tapping the red ribbon to open the Content Guide. Moreover, the users can also easily connect with almost every social media and share the articles. Its other features include 18 localized editions across the globe with several languages, widget for the smartphone’s homescreen and so on.

2) BBC News
bbc news android appThe BBC News app, developed by the British Broadcasting corporation, is also an alternative for best news apps for Android. Everyone is familiar with the popularity of the BBC, and all of this can be accessed through the BBC News available for download in the play store. In this app, you can also watch the BBC News channel for up-to-the-minute live reports, and see video clips on most of the top stories. The users will also have the facility to download the news article and read it offline, whenever the time is suitable. A broad range of media is covered, and it is also available for almost all of the topmost languages spoken across the Globe. Its other features include homescreen widget, several news categories according to the user’s will and demand, and ability to store the app on the SD card for those who don’t have enough space in their smartphone’s internal storage.

3) News Republic- Smarter News
News Republic - Smarter News android app-logo
The News Republic app , developed by MobilesRepublic, will keep you constant update with the events and happenings all around the world. It updates faster than most of the news apps out there, and will also load the articles in no time. You can select and add the topics of your interest in the app after you install it, and also can manage them later. You’ll have the option to log in, and can do in-app purchases, where you’ll get the access to the premium features. Basic features are available in the free version, and these work fine even in case you don’t want to pay for anything. The outlook inside the app is smooth and feels premium, and you’ll have the search option where you can search and view anything you like to. Many of the users have given this the ‘best news apps for Android’ tag in the play store. If you’re a news geek, you will certainly not feel bad for downloading and installing it.

Preview images from Flipboard app, BBC News app and News Republic app below.

Flipboard android apps preview
BBC News best news app for android
BBC News
News Republic best news apps for android
News Republic



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