NFC stand for Near Field Communication and it has been around since quite a while. Almost all smartphones come with NFC capabilities but most of the users have no idea what it is and how it can be used. Usually only the power users take advantage of this sweet technology while casual users are sitting there probably owning a smartphone powerful than their PC, still using Bluetooth to transfer huge files. What a waste of such cutting edge technology. Nevertheless, after reading this article, even the casual users will start utilizing NFC.NFCBefore you start using it, you need to learn how to enable it. Don’t start sweating; it is actually pretty simple. Go to you Settings > Wireless & Networks > and see if NFC is listed somewhere there. If you see it then enable it, if you don’t then your device doesn’t support NFC and you can stop reading this article and go sell that ancient device and get a smartphone of this century. Note that for NFC to work both the receiver’s and sender’s device should have NFC capability and should be enabled on both devices. Not that this is taken care of, let’s move on to the uses of NFC.

Uses of NFC

Send a phone number

Do you remember the good old days when you have to write your number on a napkin for the pretty girl you met at the bar? Well, those days are gone for good. Now you don’t have to go through all the trouble of carefully writing on a napkin worrying you might tear it or the girl/guy may lose it on the way home. Just navigate to your contacts > find your contact info (most of the devices have this feature) > tap your phone with the receiver’s > and tap the screen when you see “touch to beam”.

Send a pictureNFC tap

Small thing like a picture can be sent via Bluetooth, but why go through the trouble of searching, pairing and sending when you can just tap the phones against each other and send it within a fraction of the time needed to send it via Bluetooth. And you gotta admit it looks cooler too. All you have to do is open you gallery or whatever picture viewer you use and repeat the same process you did when sending a phone number.

Send a document

Sending a document such as PDF or MS Word file can be a little tricky. When trying to send a document while viewing it might send the viewing app instead, so the trick is tap the share button > select Android Beam > and tap the devices to send the document.

Send the link to an app

Gone are the days of backing up an app and sending it to your friend’s device. Now all you have to do is tap the devices and your friend will be directed to the app’s Google Play page. Note that you have to be using the app to send the link.

Send directions

Ever come across a clueless stranger asking for the direction to the hospital or whatever and you spend a chunk of your time trying to explain the directions? Well now you can do the same digitally. Just use Google Maps to create the directions and tap your phone against the stranger’s and voila, the stranger will be out of your hair in no time.

Launch an app on your friend’s phone

Say you are playing a game that is also installed on your friend’s device and he wants to play it too but cannot find the game for whatever reasons. Just tap the phones and your friend will be busy playing the game. Although this will never happen but it’s still fun to do.

Make a paymentNFC payment

NFC payment is still a new concept and is not much practical right now. But it will be soon enough. Download the Android Pay app from here > add your debit or credit card details > and use it wherever there is this facility available. Currently it is only practical in the US and only on very few stores. NFC payment still need some years to be common.

Although NFC has much more uses then I have mentioned but this will help you be familiar with and appreciate Near Field Communication. If you have any more implications of NFC that you use daily, then mention it in the comments.




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