Most of you probably use Opera as your 2nd browser if not first. It is the one to first offer features such as speed dial and tabs. Since 2016, Opera has been providing its desktop users with free VPN service. This seems too good to be true as free VPNs are limited by data volume and not everyone can afford a premium and unlimited one. Opera offers unlimited VPN with the option to select regions and it is completely free of cost. It is a free extension at when but now it is a part of the browser itself. You can now use the same VPN service on your Android too. Here’s how to use Opera free VPN on Android.

Use Opera Free VPN on Android

First and foremost, you will need to download Opera with free VPN. It is available for free on the Google Play Store. There are a couple of Opera browsers on the store so make sure you get the correct one by either searching for the correct one or by visiting this link. After you have found the correct one, install it on your Android. Launch the browser and get ready to configure the VPN. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Open Opera browser.

Step 2: Located at the bottom right corner of the screen, tap on the O icon.

Step 3: On the Menu, tap on Settings.

Step 4: Find the VPN toggle. Tap on it to turn it on.

Use Opera Free VPN on Android

By default, VPN will only run when you are browsing incognito. You can, however, change that and enable VPN for all your browsing sessions.

Step 5: On the Settings, tap on VPN. This will open the configuration page.

Step 6: There, uncheck the option that says “Use VPN for private tabs only”.

If you experience slow browsing speed, you can try to select a region that is closer to your location. Follow the steps;

Step 1: Open Opera. If you have selected to use VPN only on incognito, then open incognito tab.

Step 2: Enter a URL.

Step 3: You will see a blue VPN button in the top left corner. Tap on it.

Use Opera Free VPN on Android

Step 4: Select Settings.

Step 5: Select the Virtual location.

Step 6: Select the most suitable location. The closer you are from the location, the faster the browsing speed will be.

Now enjoy Opera’s unlimited free VPN and remember to rate them 5 stars on the Google Play Store for providing us with such a feature.

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