Almost everyone is familiar with the word ‘Google Chrome’. It is used every day by billion users to surf over the internet. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers is used on both smart devices as well as PC. Have you ever noticed which version of Google Chrome is you using in your smart device? It is better if you are aware of the version of chrome installed on your device?

We can see notification regarding updates of the app that we are using on our smart device. Updates help the application to run faster and smoother. It also helps to solve various bugs within the application. Updates can also provide new features within the application.

This article “How To Update Google Chrome On Your Android Smartphone” is for the users who are not familiar with updating google chrome on android. As many users use chrome but are completely unknown about updating chrome. Updating chrome is not difficult. It is actually an easy task, just you need is an internet connection in your device. Let’s discuss on how we can update existing chrome.

We will take you to step by step so that you can easily update google chrome in your device.

Step 1: Go To Play Store

Visit the google play store via play store app installed on your smartphone.

updating google chrome in android

Step 2: Open Side Menu

The next step is to open side menu located at the top left corner of your screen.

updating google chrome in android

Step 3: Click on My apps & games”

You will see a menu list after opening the side menu. There you can find menu option “My apps & games”. Go to the option.

updating google chrome in android


Step 4: Find the Google Chrome App

Find google chrome from the update list and click on the update button. Then the chrome will start updating. Similarly, you can also update other applications.

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