Do you remember the days when you needed to write in beautiful cursive handwriting? Yea, those days are pretty much gone because of keyboards and how convenient it is to use. However, if you are someone who still appreciates a good cursive and still loves to use it, there is a way to do it on your smartphone. Here’s how to turn handwriting into text on Android.

Turn Handwriting into Text on Android

You can do this using a feature in the Google Keyboard app. if you do not have the app installed, do it now from the Google Play Store then follow the steps below.

Enable the feature

Step 1: On your Android, open up an app that lets you type, like Notes or Messenger.

Step 2: Tap on the text space to open up Gboard.

Step 3: On the top of the keyboard, there is a gear icon. Tap on it to bring up the settings. If you cannot find the settings icon, it may be hidden inside the 3-dot menu. Turn Handwriting into Text on AndroidStep 4: Go to Languages when inside Settings.

Step 5: Tap on the English language to get to the page where you can choose a writing style.

Step 6: Find the option called Handwriting. Select the option and then tap on Done. This will add the handwriting option on your Gboard. Turn Handwriting into Text on Android

Choose the option

Step 7: Open an app that lets you type and then bring up the Gboard by tapping on the text field.

Step 8: Tap and hold on the Globe icon near the bottom. This will bring up the option where you can choose Handwriting. Turn Handwriting into Text on Android The layout of the keyboard will change and you will only see an empty space instead of keys. You can write on the space using your fingers or a stylus. Your handwriting will be translated into the text.

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