Android Beam has been on Android since 2011 when they released Ice Cream Sandwich. However, people still don’t know what it actually is. Android Beam is a data transfer tool that uses Near Field Communication or NFC and Bluetooth to send files including contact information, links to sites, or directions just by tapping supported devices together. The main reason why everybody should be using this tool is because it is really fast. The only downside to Android Beam is that both receiver and sender should have the NFC sensor, but this shouldn’t be a problem nowadays. Here’s how to transfer files using Android Beam.

How to transfer files using Android Beam

Before you start reading any further, make sure your device has a NFC sensor or else this won’t work. Google your device’s specifications and see if it has NFC. To access Android Beam, go to Settings > More > Android Beam. The actually location may differ from device to device but it will be fairly easy to find and setting it up will take minimum time across any device. You will find a toggle for NFC and Android Beam. You first need to enable NFC. In some devices, you may see a short description about what Android Beam really is. However if you just see the toggle for NFC, don’t panic; Android Beam will still - transfer files using Android Beam

Now to transfer files, you need to make sure both devices support NFC and has it enabled. Will should see a N logo on your status bar when NFC is enabled. Now all you have to do is share the file you want. Note that some devices do not support transferring large file via Android Beam. If that’s the case you are better off using Wi-Fi Direct or app such like Super Beam. You can still use Android Beam though. Open a file, photo, video, links, URL or app you want to transfer. Place the devices back to back with both the screens turned on. You should feel a vibration and “Tap to Beam” will appear on the sending device. If you don’t receive any messages, it could be because the NFC sensor is located in a different area. Move the devices and try different areas till you see the message. Once you beam the content, you will see that one device says it’s sending the content and the other receiving it. The process is same when sending a URL or YouTube link. Just open the page or video you want to share and tap the two devices together. the drainage of battery is low so I recommend keeping NFC on at all times.

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