Infinite running games are in growing phase lately, and more and more top mobile game developers are making them. The trend raised by the widely popular Temple Run game and its sequel, in the recent days, the famous movies are also being adapted to the infinite. Despicable me is one of the excellent example of this. The infinite running games are also a very good source of time pass, as we can play and enjoy these games as much as we want, and even not get bored .

Here given is the list of top 5 infinite running games which are popular for the mobile platform such as Android and iOS:

  1. Jetpack Joyride: This is one of the most popular games coming under the endless running at present. Developed by Halfbrick Studios, this game is available to download for almost every OS platform (which includes the computers as well), and of course is a nice game to play with a lot more features. This game is somewhat similar to the flash Helicoptor game you used to play before, there are just a hell lot of obstacles which include electroshock barriers, missiles, and lasers. The powers such as Profit bird or crazy freaking teleporter or any other are so much fun. In this game, you will not only run, but fly for almost equal time, using the jetpack attached behind you, hence given the name ‘Jetpack Joyride’. In the entire, you will just have to tap or tap and hold. You can collect the coins to unlock the features, and there is an option of in-app purchase as well, in case you run out of coins. Downoad: iOS, Android. top 5 infinite running games
  2. Despicable Me: The movie ‘Despicable me’ was awesome, and so is its game adaptation. Seen as ‘Minion Rush’ after you have it installed in your device, Despicable Me: The Game has a nice gameplay, and is addictive. This game is developed by Gameloft, and was sure to be a hit before being released. It has almost everything the movie has, the minions, the roads, cranes, and many more. You have to move side-wise, slide, jump, and duck as you run, and unlike other running games where you collect coins, in this game you have to collect banana. More exciting is the places where you run, there are three different of them which are all very good. Along with the in-app purchases, if you’re up for yet another runner, this one is quite enjoyable, pretty funny, and free to boot. Download: iOS, Androidtop 5 infinite running games
  3. Subway Surfers: This game is not a new one, but still is hot under the category of endless running games. Developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, you have a lot of trains here (the name suggests itself, subway is the underground fast train ways in the metro cities). This was the only game which was a competitor to the temple run game, before the top developers started making the endless running games. In this game too, you run, jump and slide though the obstacles, in the train tracks or over the trains, you can also fly over the subway if you get a jetpack. You will have to collect coins as you run to get more features, or there are in-app purchases. Special characters and hover boards are thrown in around major holidays as well. The subway will also be of different places or cities as the game gets update, you will travel across the world in the game itself, but only in the cities’ subways. Download: iOS, Androidtop 5 infinite running games
  4. Agent Dash: Developed by Full Fat, Agent Dash is an excellend endless running game for iOS and Android that excels because of its impressive visuals, super spy theme and a little imagination for good measure. This game is also somewhat similar to Temple Run, and you play as the super-swaggering, tuxedo-wearing secret agent who fights against his mysterious enemies, all in the name of Queen and country. This game has the jetpack too, which flies you across levels, and you can collect the diamonds by gently swiping while you are on your run. This game does not require any tilts either, you will have to swype all your way to keep moving. You run accross the jungle, or tracks, or some urban areas. It looks and sounds fantastic, with gorgeous graphics and some really sly animations that put you in that super-spy kind of mood. Download: iOS, Android. top 5 infinite running games
  5. Temple Run 2: Temple Run 2 is probably the most played, most downloaded and most popular endless running game till date. It is the sequel of Temple Run, and is so much advanced and fun to play. Though it has been a lot of time since the release date of Temple Run 2 (we can see the downfall in the trend to download this game in the recent days, due to lot of competition from rivals such as Despicable Me and Subway Surfers), it is widely popular till now. You will be chased by a giant gorilla in your run, and will have to jump, slide and go down from the ropes in this game. This is probably the only game among all the five listed here which requires tilt to collect coins, and has some unique features like ‘boost’ to run fast instead of jetpack in other games. You will have a lot of players, and the in-app purchases are also available. It is one of the most fun endless running games, and you will get damn addicted to it if you start playing it, since there are so many daily and weekly challenges which will provoke you to do so. This game also has the graphics settings, which you can set up according to the specs of your device. Download: iOS, Android top 5 endless running gamesThis was the list of our top 5 endless running games. Are you addicted to some of the games which allow you to run infinite which are or are not listed above? Leave your opinion on the comment section below, and share your list of top 5 infinite running games in your smartphone.


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