Well, year 2014 has officially ended now, with a lot of ups and downs. Today is the January 1st, 2015, the first day of the new year. The bygone year has given a lot more to us, in every fields, and already missing the year 2014, we all team members of Appslova.com wish you a very happy new year 2015!

The year 2014 was a year of quite an achievement for us. We continued to grow our rank in Alexa all over the year, though we fell down a bit in the past few weeks. However, as a newly established online tech magazine, we are doing everything we can, to fulfill our readers’ desires and preparing the articles the way you want to read.

happy new year 2015

Though we are not the site which are fully focused on only one particular OS (we try to cover the news, reviews and blogs about smartphones and their accessories though), in the recent posts you can see a lot of our posts which are related mainly with the Android Operating System. This is because of the domination of the Android OS for the mobile platforms all over the world (it runs in about 84% of all smartphones), and most of our viewers are related to the Android as well. But we also try to cover the articles of other systems as well, which are the iOS, Windows, and Firefox. Though small in numbers, you can see those posts frequently appearing in the news feed of our site.

We hope the year 2015 will bring more joy, happiness and excitement to your life. This year we will also see the growth in the specs and features of smartphones, as in 2014. We are all set to provide every sort of information you want, relating to Mobile platform. Every sort of your suggestion and tips is important to us, contact us to share what you feel about AppsLova. Have a great new year! Cheers!


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