T-mobile’s US store now has a jaw-dropping offer for the iPhone lovers. The offer is about a  iPhone 5s test drive for one week along with unlimited LTE internet access, with a full fee refund policy.

iPhone 5s Test Drive

According to the terms and conditions of the iPhone 5s Test Drive offer, the customers who are of at least eighteen years will have to order the iPhone 5s online through the T-mobile’s website, and set their account. The price money of the iPhone will be on hold for the stated seven-days period, and the iPhone 5s will be then by delivered by mail, which is allowed to be used by the customers for seven days in full- it starts from the date when the device is signed in for. The biggest plus point of this is that the customers will be given unlimited 4G LTE internet access- which means they can do whatever they like with the super fast internet- download, stream, browse, play and all.

After the completion of the seven days trial period, however, you are obliged either to return the iPhone 5s to the T-mobile (this will be for those who do not like the service of the T-mobile and/or the iPhone 5s),or pay the price stated and keep the iPhone 5s with themselves, and enjoy with the smartphone and the 4G LTE of the T-mobile forever (and this is for those who are satisfied by the service and/or the smartphone). This will be completely alongside the will of the customers- whether to return the iPhone 5s or to keep it. Not a single penny will be charged (all the money which was on hold will be refunded)  in case the customer wants to return the phone but, however, the return and refund policy is strict- the iPhone should be returned to the T-mobile retail store, and not to the T-mobile authorized retailer.

The customer, who wants to return should return the iPhone 5s in a good condition- not with active find my iPhone, and the device should not be cracked, bricked, damaged or anything. If anything happens, $100 will be deducted from the customer’s account as a damage fee. And for those who want to purchase- the price will be $699.99 plus the applicable taxes. The customers who don’t return the iPhone within the prescribed time will be assumed to have purchased, and the balance will be deducted from their account accordingly.



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