I’m pretty sure you are wandering around your neighborhood or even your city with your smartphone glued to your hand, playing Pokemon Go. It has been a few week since its release and it has already taken over the world. Pokemon Go uses GPS and camera to display Pokemon in the real world. Since you have to keep using your GPS for the game to track your movement, chances are you are already frustrated about the amount of data the games uses. It is fun and addicting but also a huge data sucker. A lot of players have complained about the game using all their mobile data. Keeping that in mind, I will be showing you how you can control your mobile data consumption. Here’s how to stop Pokemon Go from using too much data.

Despite all the blames Pokemon Go is getting for hogging up all your precious mobile data, it is not to blame. A spokesperson for Verizon stated that Pokemon Go only take up to 1% of its overall network data traffic. P3 communications also weighed on the point by reporting that the app only consumes about 5 MB to 10 MB data per hour.  That means you have to play for 7 hours a day regularly for 30 days straight to finish a 2 GB data plan.restrict data usage - stop Pokemon Go from using too much data

Since Pokemon Go requires your phone to constantly transmit your location through GPS and you need to move around a lot, you will be using your cellular data rather than a Wi-Fi connection. Below are some few tips that can help your reduce your mobile data usage.

  1. Make sure you don’t use mobile data to update the app. Do it over Wi-Fi.
  2. Play in the areas where there is availability of public Wi-Fi.
  3. Set a mobile data usage limit. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Data Usage > Select a range.
  4. If have no choice but to use cellular data to play the game, don’t download or stream music, videos or any other media while playing.
  5. Restrict background app data. Go to Settings > Application / Apps > Pokemon Go > Data Usage > Restrict Background Data. You can do this on other apps that you think is using your mobile data even after it has been closed.
  6. Email notifications also uses some data. Disable notifications of such apps to save some data.

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