Growing, knowing and achieving make you busy. All these hustle and bustle of life makes it difficult for you to stay organized. You are surrounded by the things that make you slip even the simplest thoughts every now and then. No more! Here’s how to stay organized with Reminder. Never miss a date again.

How to Stay Organized with Reminder

I know that guilt you feel when you forget to wish Happy Birthday to someone who matters to you. Even worst is when you go to with the person but you forget the bring the gift. Or when you miss an assignment’s deadline. Such habit of forgetting can get you into really awkward and sticky situations. This is when Remainder comes in. Creating a remainder of any kind is a piece of cake. Simply open the app, create an even and start filling in the details. When the deadline is near, you receive a notification. The notifications are customizable and come with 2 variants: Regular and Advanced.Stay Organized with Reminder

The Advanced alarm will help you in the situations where you need to prepare for an event like an office presentation or a friend’s birthday party. You can mark the events with colors to know what they are without having to read them. The alarms can be set to recur. Remainders that are active will be on your active list and those which are already completed will be on the completed list. Also, correcting and editing an event is simple.

Remainder is a simple and extremely user-friendly app with dark and light themes. The auto backup feature will be handy. Try the app to see what I’m talking about. It won’t let you down.

Download it from play store here

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