Samsung continues its smartwatch legacy with new Gear S3. This smartwatch comes with more new added feature and refined design. Actually Gear S3 is not going to replace the Gear S2 instead it is going to be the next model or you can say upgraded version. Most of the feature you can already find in Gear S2. It is just that you will find more advance and added feature, better design and above all a new experience to wear Gear S3. This time Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch comes in two versionsClassic edition and Frontier edition.

Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch
Frontier Edition on left side and – Classic Edition on right side

Gear S3 has 1.3 inch Super AMOLED display that is protected by the scratch resistant Gorilla Glass SR+ making its debut on this device. The entire body of the Gear S3 is IP certified for water and dust resistance. Gear S3 is operated by Samsung’s own software Tizen. It has 380 mAh non-removable battery and it also supports wireless charging.

Classic EditionBoth versions are quite similar to each other. Rotating bezel continues in both version of Gear S3.  To differentiate between the two versions of the Gear S3, the classic basically has the look of a typical fashion metal watch and the frontier is supposed to be a little bit more rugged, it has a matted feel to the metal and has flat buttons on the side as opposed to the ones that pop out on the classic.The main difference between these two devices is that the frontier which is supposed to be geared towards the more outdoorsy type has LTE connectivity which makes it more of a standalone device so you can actually get your notifications straight to the watch and take calls on using the speaker and the microphone combo that’s built-in.

Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch

Frontier EditionSamsung worked with luxury swiss watchmakers to build these watches and it shows the classic evokes a luxury wristwatch without going overboard with different finishes on different facets of its steel casing meanwhile the frontier brings added durability to the picture with tolerance for extreme heat and extreme cold. Some of the good upgrades are seen this time. First, the Always-On display has been reworked so that instead of just an eighth color palette, watch faces can now use any of the 16 million colors. The smartwatches also use standard 22 millimeter connections so you can swap-in whichever bands you want. The rotating bezel now lets you control more aspects of the software, you can reject calls or dismiss notifications without using the touch screen.

band Gear S3 has sensors like Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer. It also comes with GPS and fitness tracking feature. There’s also a feature that streams Spotify through the Wi-Fi or LTE. The main addition in Gear S3 is Samsung Pay which has to be set up on the Gear S3 and from there you can hold the back button to bring up samsung pay, select a card and then use either the MST (Magstripe reader) or NFC if it’s available at that particular pay station.

Gear S3 is the best smartwatch Samsung can offer for 2016. What do think about Gear S3? Is there any things that need to change, add, or remove from the watch. Feel free to comment.



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