If you own a Samsung device, you have probably used or at least heard of Odin. If you haven’t, Odin is basically a software for Samsung devices to flash firmware, kernel and such. Your device needs to enter Odin mode to flash firmware or do anything that requires Odin software. Exiting Odin mode is simple, but for some reason you are unable to exit Odin mode, this article will help fix the issue. Here’s how to fix Samsung devices stuck on Odin mode.

Fix Samsung devices stuck on Odin mode

Although this is a common issue for Samsung users who flash a lot, most of the time a simple restart would fix this issue. But if you are unable to exit Odin mode no matter what, then there are techniques you can follow. Some times you do not even need to be using Odin mode to get stuck in it. A user on Android Central forums reported that his / her Samsung S3 turned off and got into Odin mode automatically. This is what he/she states, “ It wouldn’t power on if I pressed the home button or power button, so I took out the battery then put it back in. …..Right now, I’ve taken out the battery then turned it back on and now when I turn it on it’s stuck on a weird screen. It has the android logo and says “Downloading. Do not turn off target !” And on the top left corner in small print, it says “Could not do normal boot. ODIN MODE.”

Samsung devices stuck on Odin mode

When your device is in Odin mode, you can see two options – Continue and Cancel. Selecting the Cancel button should get your device off of Odin mode. But for some reason if you get right back into Odin or if the Cancel button does not do anything, you have a problem. There are some methods you can use to try and fix this issue.

Stuck on Odin mode – Fix by clearing cache

You could try and fix this issue by getting into recovery and clear up the cache (wipe cache partition). There are guides on Appslova that can help you get into recovery.

Stuck on Odin mode – Fix by a Factory reset.

If clearing cache didn’t fix the issue, you could factory reset your device. Factory resetting your device will wipe all your data. Follow the links below to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy device. Select wipe data/factory reset when you get into recovery by following the guide from links below.

Stuck on Odin – Replace device / Service Center

If none of these methods work, you may have to replace your device if it is still under warranty. If you do not have a warranty, you should go to the nearest Samsung service center and get it repaired.

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