Users of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 have been reporting about an issue. They have been facing a charging issue with their brand new or slightly use Redmi Note 5. Whenever the user tries to charge their Redmi Note 5, the device refuses to charge. In some of the cases, the device is brand new and have just been unboxed. A Redmi Note 5 user on a Reddit thread writes, “So yesterday I received my new Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. When I tried opening it, it opened fine and I could do the “setup”, which I never completed. After that and saw that it worked I put it for a charge. Today when I tried to open it it wouldn’t open. I put the charger back in and it won’t even charge! When I try to open the screen it will have a blank empty battery. What can I do to fix that? I just got it and need it”. We can try some fixes, but if nothing works, you might have to replace your Redmi Note 5 altogether. Here’s how to fix Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 not charging.

Fix Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 not charging

If you have been already using the device before you started facing the charging issue, then the problem might be a faulty USB cable or charger head. We need to confirm if one of them or both are faulty.

If the device has some battery left, connect it to your PC and see if it gets recognized. remove the cable from the charger head and connect its appropriate end to phone and PC. See if your PC recognizes your device. If it does then the USB cable is fine, if it doesn’t, you might not have to replace the whole charge after all. Just buy a good USB cable or if you have an extra cable lying around, you can use that too.

If the cable works, the charger head might be the culprit. To confirm this, you will need an extra USB cable. Either a cheap one to check if the charger head is working right, or if you have one extra lying around, use that. Connect the USB cable to the charging head and then connect the other end to your device. If the device starts charging, the charged head is totally fine and the problem is your faulty USB cable. If it’s vice versa, its time to replace the charger head.

Fix Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 not charging

However, if both the cable and charger is not working, test it using another device and see if it works. If the charger is working with another device, the problem is in the device itself. If you have a warranty, you might want to take the device to the manufacturer’s service center. If you just bought the device, then do not perform any of the tests. You are entitled to have your device replaced. If your Redmi Note 5 is old and the warranty is already expired, you need to have it repaired in a trusty repair shop.

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