A surprising “news” is circulating that the Chinese manufacture ZTE’s next flagship device, the ZTE N988, might be the first smartphone to get the much anticipated and drooled upon Tegra 4 chipset. Considering the other giants in the smartphone world, ZTE must have invested a lot to get their hands on Tegra 4 first. Nevertheless, with this news, ZTE will certainly get a lot of attention in addition to the commotion created by the recent  leaked photos of N988. From the photo the design looks somewhat like ZTE  current high end smartphone, the Grand S.


However, there is still no official confirmation regarding Tegra 4 but the expected specs are as follows:

  • OS: Android Jellybean 4.1.2
  • Display: 5.7″ 1280×720
  • 1.5 GHz quad core with Tegra 4(?)
  • Internal storage of 16GB and microSD for additional storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 13 megapixels rear and 2 MP front
  • 6.9 mm thick and 110 gram

With such awesome specs, just as Xiaomi, you can expect benchmark scores from ZTE that will beat the likes of Galaxy S4, Note 2, Nexus 4 and HTC One.


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