NVIDIA has announced a new ‘superchip’- Tegra X1, which can give upto 1 teraflop performance. This new chip by NVIDIA is most powerful yet (which comes along with NVIDIA’s Maxwell GPU), and is expected to bring the performance similar of gaming consoles such as Microsoft Xbox to the mobiles.


The key specs of the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip are:

  • 256-core Maxwell GPU
  • 8 CPU cores (4x ARM Cortex A57 + 4x ARM Cortex A53)
  • 60 fps 4K video (H.265, H.264, VP9)
  • 1.3 gigapixel of camera throughput
  • 20nm process

As mentioned above, the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip has a new octa-core CPU cluster, consisting of four Cortex A57 and four Cortex A53 cores with a custom CPU interconnect and cluster migration. The four A57 cores have 2MB of L2 cache between them and the A53 cores have 512MB. The GPU is also equally powerful, the 256 CUDA core GPU in the X1 is twice as powerful as the company’s Kepler-based GPU on the K1. It will give 1 teraflop of floating performance, which is little bit lower than that of Microsoft Xbox One (1.3 teraflop) and Play Station 4 (1.84 teraflop). It will be able to play 4K videos at 60fps (the highest resolution of videos that the mobiles can capture till date is 4K@30fps), and hence the playback is going to be super smooth. X1 also has improved codec supports and can decode VP9, VP8, H.264, H.265 (10-bit) at 2160p60, along with 600 MP/s (megapixels per second) JPEG encode and decode.

In the occasion of announcement, CEO and co-founder, NVIDIA, Je-Hsun Huang says,”We see a future of autonomous cars, robots and drones that see and learn, with seeming intelligence that is hard to imagine.
They will make possible safer driving, more secure cities and great conveniences for all of us.” He further adds, ”
“To achieve this dream, enormous advances in visual and parallel computing are required. The Tegra X1 mobile super chip, with its one teraflops of processing power, is a giant step into this revolution.”
“Tegra K1 set a new bar for GPU compute performance, and now just a year later Tegra X1 delivers twice that,” said Linley Gwennap, founder and principal analyst of the Linley Group. “This impressive technical achievement benefits both 3D graphics, particularly on devices with high-resolution screens, as well as GPGPU software that is becoming more prevalent, particularly in automotive applications.”
NVIDIA is now dominant for the Graphics on computers, with it’s Geo-Force GPU. We can clearly see now that the company is trying to put its impact on the smartphones as well, with this brand new Tegra X1 superchip. Well, the Maxwell is NVIDIA’s 10th generation GPU architecture, and we will see later how it performs, when the Tegra X1 comes in-built with the top-notch smartphones.


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