It’s barely two months since Rockmelt entered the Android apps market (Google Play Store) and it’s already acquired by Yahoo.  According to reports, the deal was sealed at $50 to $60 million. Before hitting the Android store, Rockmelt was in the Apple App store for almost four years.  Rockmelt is the 21st mobile app startup acquisition by Yahoo which includes names like Astrid, Alike, Stamped,, Qwiki, Xobni, Bignoggins Productions, Ghostbird Software, Summly and Tumblr. Tumblr is the biggest purchase of them all, costing Yahoo $1.1 billion. $30 million acquisition of Summly was also widely covered by the media mainly because it was a startup run by a 15 year old wizkid.   Like all those acquired apps, Rockmelt has been pulled out of the app stores.

The Rockmelt team seems very excited to work for Yahoo.  Check out their statement on the Rockmelt Blog:

Rockmelt acquired by Yahoo


Source: Rockmelt Blog


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