Reports have confirmed that Yahoo has acquired another budding startup, Qwiki. Qwiki  is an iphone application that allows you to “quikly” turn your gallery of images, videos and music into short movies.Though it is not yet officially announced, the deal was made at a whopping $50 million. Actually, it’s not so “whopping” compared to Yahoo’s previous acquisition where it spent $1.1 billion for Tumblr . This latest acquisition means Yahoo has acquired over 15 companies after Marrisa Meyer took over as its CEO a year ago.

Only few days back Yahoo acquired Bignoggins Production which develops fantasy sports apps such as “Fantasy Monster” and “Draft Monster”. Yahoo also acquired some image app startups to improve its own photo app “Flicker”  and  now its users have increased from 200 million per month last year to 300 million per month this year.

As smartphone adoption and usage is surging every year, Meyer seems to be going all out to capture huge share of app users for Yahoo as fast as possible.Yahoo just might be the biggest AppsLova (“apps lover” in case you don’t get it ) of them all- after Google that is. .


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