yahoo acquires GhostbirdAfter acquisitions like Tumblr, Summly, Alike, Stamped, PlayerScale and , Yahoo’s takeover spree continues as reports confirm that Yahoo has bought another startup, GhostBird that develops  photo apps for the iphones.  Two of Ghostbird’s ios apps KitCam and PhotoForge 2 is now pulled out of Apple’s  App store.

Yahoo Inc’s CEO Marrissa Mayer plans to use Ghostbird’s expertise in photo editing to make Flickr more awesome and provide an enhanced user experience.  Though the deal was confirmed yesterday , Yahoo has not released how much they spent on it.

After a failed bid to acquire Dailymotion, Yahoo is currently eyeing ‘HULU’, the video playing website which made $700 million last year and currently has over 4 million users and rivals ‘Netflix’, another popular video streaming site.

Looks like we will see Yahoo spending a lot of dollars in the coming days to expand its customer base and with such high demands startups are likely to get more and more expensive.

Ghostbird’s blog already has an official statement regarding the Yahoo acquisition. Check it out:

Yahoo acquires GhostBIrd Software


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