A tech blog has released images of Sony Xperia Ultra Z alongside HTC One.   From the images you can see the size, display color and contrast differences between the two screens. While the HTC One has a 4.7” LCD 3, the Xperia Z Ultra has a 6.2” Triluminous 1080p HD display. You can see  that the Ultra’s display has higher contrast  and sharper image compared to HTC One’s display. While the high contrast makes images look more vibrant and attractive in the Xperia Ultra, true image color may be seen on the HTC One Screen. All in all, both of the devices have awesome displays.  We wouldn’t pit the HTC One and Ultra as competitors since the latter falls under “Phablet” category with its humongous display. Looking at this awesome screen of the Ultra, we can’t wait to see what the Honami screen will look like when its released(expected) this September.

Sony Xperia Ultra VS HTC One

Source: SeCafe


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