We, the android users are all familiar about the screenshot in android, and all of us know how to do it. But, recording the video of android smartphone screen may not be known by most of us. You may at anytime want to show some tutorials about your favorite angry birds game, or to show some how to video to your friends, and to record Android screen is the must for it. Though we may use some other phones or cameras to record Android screen, it is not much helpful though, since the video comes blurry. Here we are discussing about how to record android screen in smartphones having several Android OS versions.

We have posted an article mentioning the methods and details to record Android screen in the 4.4 KitKat version running smartphones, since KitKat has a built in feature for this. Here, we are giving you the idea about how to record the Android screen in the smartphone running versions older than KitKat.

First of all, your phone needs to be rooted. If you haven’t had your phone root, do it by googling it along with your phone model (different phone models require different root files, and mind that it will void your phone’s warranty!).

record android screen

After you’ve had your phone rooted, head to the play store app of your smartphone, and download the Z – screen recorder, and install it in your phone. Developed by ZAUSAN Innovación Tecnológica, Z-ScreenRecorder allows record video directly from the screen of your device to the SD. It is designed to create promotional videos of your apps, make tutorials or simply record clips to use as help. It’s extremely simple to use, since it has the features to execute the app and press “Record” button, tap Z-Screen Recorder desktop icon or status bar blinking icon to stop, and it works while it is recording. You should tap Z-ScreenRecorder desktop icon or status bar blinking icon to stop.
Your video is recorder at “/sdcard/zausan/Z-ScreenRecorder/”, and you can access those or mend them anytime.

Good luck with your video!


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