The Macbook Pro of 2016 introduced a touch enabled input panel – Macbook Touch Bar, for which both fans and critics had a mixed response. Developers started building apps that provided innovative features to this new hardware in the Macbook line. Thanks to TouchBar for Android, you can now have the Macbook like Touch Bar on your android phone.

Macbook TouchBar for Android

TouchBar for Android is an application which gives you access to control device settings through intuitive touch gestures. The most important settings are just a swipe away. The app developed by XDA Forum Member alecot18 mimics the Touch Bar features.

TouchBar Features

With a simple swipe from the bottom, you can activate the app and it gives you access to the following settings:

  • WiFi on/off
  • Bluetooth on/off
  • Rotation on/off
  • Brightness (adaptive or not and its level)
  • Sound level
  • Ring (mode and its level)

You can also control music playback with the help of this app. Also, there is a shortcut that gives you access to Google Search, a dock for 4 apps shortcuts to switch between apps with a single click and a button to open camera.

Furthermore, you can customize TouchBar for Android to suit your preference – the bar background, buttons background, handle color, change button placement between Docks, select the preferred Dock to show on start, select if auto-hide it or not if touched outside.

Large displays in smartphones are becoming more popular, so one-handed usage is becoming tougher. But TouchBar for Android promises to solve this issue. This app will be very useful for users with small hands and big screens. If you want to get a bit of MacOS on your Android device, you can download the app from here.

If you try out the TouchBar for Android app, please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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