You don’t always have to root your android to get the best out of it. You can customize your android heavily even if your device is not rooted. However, rooting your android will unlock even more possibilities of customizations but that is not what we are going to talk about here in this article. Here, we’re going to talk about how you can get the best out of your unrooted android device. We will teach you’re the ways you can tweak your homescreen, lockscreen, battery, device’s security and others.


What is the better way to personalize your device than to customize your homescreen? There are many options for customizing your homescreen according to your taste. Here’s how you can customize your homescreen.

1.       The most basic thing you can do to customize your homescreen is to install one of the many launchers available in the Play Store. After you choose a launcher among many you can install themes and icon packs, assign gestures, change animations, etc. Some of the best launchers are Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Go Launcherm Z Launcher, and Lightning Launcher. If none of the mentioned launchers suit your need, you can search on your own from here.

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2.       Live wallpaper can inject a lot of life into your device. Static wallpaper may look good for a period of time but it will start to lose its beauty. Install live wallpapers to make your device feel dynamic.

3.       Best this about owning an Android – Widgets. Not only it will make your device look good, it’ll also be convenient to access apps and information. Whether you are trying to find a way to easily toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. or search Google for the fastest route to the meeting you need to attend, widgets can help you in every possible way. Most of the widgets support themes so you can make your homescreen look good too.

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This is the first this you see when you turn on your device, so customizing lockscreen is essential. But how can you customize your lockscreen? The answer is lockscreen widgets! You definitely need lockscreen widgets – not just for showing off but also for your own convenience. It will help you to access certain apps right from your lockscreen. You can also install widgets that can show certain information like news, weather forecast, device’s information, etc. You can also install widgets that will enable you to respond to text messages right form your lockscreen. There also are many lock screen replacement apps available on the Play Store.

Battery and RAMbattery

You don’t always have to root your android to tweak improve its battery life. You can do some basic stuffs to get more out of your battery. Here how you can improve your battery life.

1.       Vibrations suck up more battery that sound. Though it is better than loud ringtones and touch tones, it is usually bad for battery. So the first thing you need to do to improve you batter is to disable vibrations whenever you can. I recommend you disable haptic feedback at all times.

2.       The next thing you can do is disable all the bloatware. Bloatware are the apps (system or user apps) that you don’t use but the take up space and suck up your battery. If your device was rooted you could uninstall the useless system apps but since your device is not rooted, you can disable it for the application settings.

3.       Use Airplane Mode whenever possible. This will disable your mobile network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all the other forms of communication. Doing this can save a lot of battery. However, enable Airplane Mode only when you don’t need to use your network as you’ll not be able to receive calls or messages.

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1.       Every Android device comes preloaded with a SMS and Dialer app but you can install one of the many SMS and Dialer apps that you can customize by applying themes. Go SMS, Handcent SMS, Chomp SMS, Hello and Textra SMS are some popular SMS apps. EX Dialer, Dialer +, Dialer one, KitKat Dialer are some popular dialer apps.

2.       You can customize your keyboard by installing keyboard apps that are available in the Play Store. Some free alternatives are available but I recommend you to send a few bucks and go for the best ones. Here are the best keyboard apps for android.

So now you know you don’t always have to root your android and void its warranty to get the most out of it. If you have suggestions then leave us a comment.





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