Working with multiple displays can help you get things done faster. You can extend your display to have two computers working side by side which can have different programs running simultaneously. But the problem is, you may not have the budget to buy a second monitor as it can be expensive. If you prefer working on your laptop, adding a second monitor cannot be considered portable. This is where Spacedesk comes it. This app allows you to turn your Android device into a second display for your Windows PC. This app works over WI-FI so you don’t have to worry about messy wires. Here’s how to turn Android into second display for Windows.

How to turn Android into second display for Windows

Installing on Windows

You will need to configure Spacedesk on your Windows PC first. Head over to Spacedesk’s site to download driver. You will find 2 versions of driver listed under “spacedesk driver software for Windows PC (server)” section. Almost all the Windows devices are 64bit, so click on the corresponding button to download the driver. If your device is 32-bit one, then download the 32-bit version on the driver.

Now launch the .msi installer file then follow the steps. Reboot your PC when the installation finishes.turn Android into second display

Installing on Android

Installing Spacedesk on Android is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is search for it on the Google Play Store or follow this link to download Spacedesk for free.


After setting up both the devices, it’s fairly easy to use. Make sure both your devices are in the same Wi-Fi network. Now, just open the Spacedesk app on your Android to detect you PC. This process is automatic and all you have to do is tap on “Connect” and let the app do its work.

If the app doesn’t find your PC automatically, you will need to uncheck “Auto Network Search” and enter your PC’s local address manually. If you don’t know how, simply head over to this link and copy the address.turn Android into second display

Second Screen

Afer you tap on “Connect”, you will see your Desktop appear on your Android’s screen. If you use your Android as a second screen, right click on your Desktop and click on “Display Settings”. A window will open where you can choose to “Extend these displays” and then click on “Apply”. Now, you will be able to use dual monitors.

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