Most of the smartphone manufacturer twist the original version of Android, and keep their own modified version, which is also known as User Interface. Though the UI is kept to make the device easy to be used by the owners, we may not like it. The modification of the Android really annoys the users often, and often makes us miss the stock version of Android. Not everyone in this world can afford to buy the new devices having stock Android (such as the Nexus line smartphones or tablets), or we would not do it anyway, even if we can. However, you may have always been thinking that it would be awesome even if you could make any Android smartphone look like Stock Android (and have some similar performance and features too), instead of the gimmicky modified one  in your device, without having to change it.

The pure version of Android is always pure and sophisticated, and is good to have it in our devices. But not all of us are lucky enough, and even all of us are not geek enough to root it and customize it according to our will. Here, we are making a guide for those users of Android smartphones, who are annoyed by the UIs of their manufacturers, and love to have their Android look like the stock one.

  • Install the Google Now Launcher: This is an awesome launcher which will customize your device’s homescreen, and make it look exactly like the stock Android. This was in the primitive times exclusive for the Nexus 5, and is now available for all of the Stock android and devices out there. The GNL integrates Google’s search tools into your home screen, with a search bar for users to start web and voice searches with a single tap, Google Now and its smart cards locked to the leftmost panel of your home screen, and a provision for users to start voice search with the phrase “Okay Google”. This is absolutely free, and its one of the amazing features is it makes your window-bars transparent. The best thing is that Google itself has developed and maintained it, so obviously is different from the rest of launchers, and at least give you a premium feel about using an Android device. With this launcher, we can assume that Google is trying to regain its control over the OS in the smartphones. make any Android smartphone look like Stock AndroidDownload Google Now Launcher from the Play Store
  • Install the Google Keyboard and other official Google Apps: The Google Keyboard is one of the most necessary items that are needed to give you a Stock Android feel. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store, and enjoy typing using the swype feature. This is available for Android version of 4.0 or later, so it is not much of a problem for the users nowadays, since most of them full this requirement. Along with the Google KeyBoard, you can download other several Google apps from the play store, such as Google Calendar, Google Play Magazines, Google Drive, Chrome Browser, YouTube and many more. Most of the stock Android smartphones have it pre-installed, and if your Smartphone doesn’t have these, you can download all of these and feel like your smartphone or tablet also has the Stock Android. The best things with the Google Apps is that they are always free and best for Android, thanks to Google’s Ad-based revenue policy!make any Android smartphone look like Stock Android
  • Change the Lock Screen: The lock screen is also modified and gimmicky, depending upon the UIs. Though the lock screen is changed itself when you install the Google Now Launcher, you can change it according to your will. If you want the Lock Screen of your Android device to be something different and more Android like, try installing the Holo Locker in your device, which is probably the best alternative for the Lock Screen. This one is free version, and if you need more, download the plus version of this app.make any Android smartphone look like Stock Android

We will post about how to actually transform any Android phone to stock Android later, for the rooted Android devices. Read our previous article on the best stock Android smartphones, if you are planning to buy a new device which has the Stock Android as the OS.


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