Calibrate Battery on Android SmartphoneCalibrate Battery: Some of you may have experienced sudden drain of battery even while you’re running apps that uses low power. The battery level suddenly decreases and the phone switches off. Also, you may have experienced your juice doesn’t last as it lasted the day you bought the device. This may mean your battery is damaged and need a replacement but before you jump into conclusion we recommend you to Calibrate Battery.

Android has a setting called “Battery Stats”. All it does is it indicates your device’s battery capacity and also determines when it’s full and when it’s empty. If the battery stats is corrupted, it starts displaying wrong info and make the device shut off before the battery reached 0%. This is caused by long-term usage of the device, flashing custom ROM frequently, etc. But you don’t have to worry. Follow this tutorial to learn how you can Calibrate Battery on your device’s and save few bucks by not having to buy a new battery.

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Methods to Calibrate Battery on Android.

Method 1

Step 1: Charge your device to 100%

Step 2: Power off the battery and again plug in the charger.

Step 3: Let it charge to 100% again and wait 20 minutes after it 100%.

Step 4: When the battery is charged to 100% unplug the charger and boot the device.

Step 5: Now without connecting your charger, drain your battery till it reaches 0% and shuts off. Use Battery Drainer if you’re short on time.

Step 6: Connect the charger and let it charge to 100% without break.

Step 7: Turn on your device and use it till the battery level reaches 0% and the device shuts off.

Step 8: Charge it again without break.

Step 9: Repeat this for 3-4 times for best result.

Method 2

This method requires a rooted android device. (How to know rooted android device?)

Step 1: Install Battery Calibration app from the Play Store here.

Step 2: Charge your device to 100% without break.

Step 3: Open Cattery Calibration app and check the mV. If mV continues to rise even if the battery is at 100%, continue to charge your device. Charge it till mV reaches 4200 or anywhere near.

Step 4: Press the Battery Calibration button.

Step 5: Turn off your device and plug in the charger. When the battery level reaches 100% again, turn on your device.

After you press the Battery Calibration button, the old battery stats gets deleted and a new one is generated. This will eliminate any fake info about your battery.

Method 3

If you have a custom recovery which supports wiping battery stats, you can use this method.

Step 1: Go to recovery mode.

Step 2: Navigate to Advance options and find “wipe battery stats”.

Step 3: Select it to wipe the battery stats.

Step 4: Turn off the device and fully charge your device without break.

Step 5: Turn it on and drain the battery till it shuts off.

Step 6: When the battery is at 100%, turn it on.

Step 7: Open Battery Calibration app and click on the Battery Calibration button.

Step 8: Close the app and use your device.

This is how we can calibrate Android’s battery. For best result, use AC adaptor. Leave us a comment it this was helpful.


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