A Google Map image has been circulating all over the internet in websites and blogs which shows a satellite view of people supposedly trying to get rid of a body (human or animal) at Queen Beatrix Park in Netherlands. This image was compiled by Google back in 2009. The image also shows “blood trails” that lead to the “crime scene”. The news was also shared in social media with the message to quickly follow the coordinates 52.376552,5.198303 in Google maps before its blocked.

Folks at hoax-slayer have come up with some obvious theories explaining this scene. Water on wooden surface makes it look darker. As you can see in the picture the jetty is built from reddish wood, a little water on it would mean it would get even redder resembling blood.  Thus, the blood trail could actually be water drips or trails of someone who just swam  at the lake. Judging by the larger damp area, it looks like a group of people or a dog sat in that area for awhile to dry themselves.However, the position of the person standing suggests that he dragged the thing all the way the end of the jetty.

Another thing to note, is that the area around the park is densely populated and it is unlikely that a murderer would dispose of a body at such a place at broad daylight.  A murdered would probably want to minimize the bloody mess but the image shows a large bloody area at the end of the trail which also suggests the “body” was kept there for a long time.

Since this image was taken a long back, we cannot be sure what really happened. Logically thinking, its just wet wood but anything is possible. The Dutch police has been reportedly informed about this picture. We don’t if it the image will serve as a useful  evidence to a supposed “murder” committed over three years back.






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