There is no built in feature in Google Maps that allows you to take screenshots. It would be really useful to able to take pictures of maps so that you can print it for offline use.  However, there is a free app from Evernote which lets you take screenshots and also add pins to identify your destinations.  Here is steps on how to take screenshots in Google Maps for android:

  • Install  the “Skitch” app from Google Play Store take screenshots in google maps skitch
  • Now choose “Draw on Map”
  • Now Google Maps will appear on the screen
  • Search for the location
  • Zoom in and out to get the required  map area inside the frame
  • Optionally,  add pins to locations
  • Click on the “tick “ mark on the upper right corner of your screen
  • Now another screen will open where you can add texts, direction arrows  etc to the capture image
  • Click “Save”

Another useful app is Screenshot UX for Android. This is a premium app in the Google Play Store which allows you to easily capture good quality screenshots. However, this is a screenshot only app and does not have built in image editors to add texts, arrows or pins to the image.

Well, it would have been a lot easier if Google included a simple screenshot feature in Maps. Let’s hope they will do that in the coming updates.



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