You can use the fingerprint sensor on a Google Pixel phone as an input device instead of just a security lock feature. This feature will be unique to Pixel phones running Android 7.1. however, Pixel phones are not the only devices having fingerprint sensor. Google is locking them out of being to use this feature. There are two apps currently available to correct this problem – Fingerprint Quick Action and Fingerprint Gestures (Beta). These two app can add fingerprint gestures to all the devices having a fingerprint scanner. The best part is that they do not require root access. Both of these apps are still in early stages of development, but for now Fingerprint Gestures (Beta) is the superior one in my opinion. Here’s how to get fingerprint gestures on any android device.

How to get fingerprint gestures on any android device

Fingerprint Quick Actionget fingerprint gestures on any Android device

First and foremost, you need to install Fingerprint Quick Action app an open it. now, tap on Enable Fingerprint Quick Action and allow all the permissions it needs. This is necessary for the app to work properly. After granting all the permissions, return to the app. now you need to configure the gestures. There are only two gestures available at the moment: Quick Tap and Fast Swipe. Both of these two gestures are associated with a list of actions. Select the action you want. Remember that this app is still in its beta stage so you may encounter some bugs.

Fingerprint Gestures (Beta)get fingerprint gestures on any Android device

Fingerprint Gestures has somewhat similar interface as Fingerprint Quick Actions but the performance it delivers is far better. Plus, it supports 3 gestures rather than just 2. You can single tap, double tap and swipe to perform associated actions. Some of these actions will require root access.

So you don’t need to but the new Google Pixel phones to enjoy this feature. If you have a fingerprint sensor, you can do almost everything  that Google Pixel can do with its sensor.

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