Today’s world is dominated by Smartphones and Android devices are popular among most of the people. As Android has many cool features and the application that Android provides is Play Store which is said to be the back bone of the Android devices. This app is Pre installed in the devices. Play Store provides almost all the apps that is available in android market but sometime we face different problems related to Play Store like Play Store is not opening, it is not downloading, force closing and even some kind of air messaging. Here I will show you some of the method to Fix Play Store Error/No Connection Error.

First method:

  • Go to Setting >> Go to Date and Time >> Enable Automatic Date and Time.

After that Restart the device, it works for some devices and hope it works for your device also. If this doesn’t work for you try next method shown below.

Second  method:play_store

  • Go to Setting >> Go to Application Setting (In some devices application setting is named as apps).
  • Go to, All the apps > >Find the Google Play Store >> Clear everything (Clear Cache, Clear Data).
  • Once you have clear everything, Go ahead and Force Stop the application

Now what this will do is clear everything. After that Resign In when you open the Play Store and Accept the terms of services.Your Google Play Store should be working fine after this process.

If this method also does not work for you then try couple of other method that I will let you know.

Third method : You can Factory Reset the phone, this has also worked many of the times but factory reset will delete all the data and information that is in your phone memory. If this method also does not work for you then try next method that will surely solve your problem.

root explorer
Root Explorer

Note: Your device should have been rooted for this method.
Fourth method :

  • First download the Root Explorer from your browser (Type Root Explorer apk and then download the app)
  • Go to Root Explorer >> Root
  • Go to the folder etc >>Go to host ( view it with text editor which will help you to write in it).

Two IP address will be displayed, first one will be and second will be then add hash tag ( # ) in front of second IP address and then save it, but in your case it may not be same. If more IP addresses will be displayed then leave the first IP address as it is and put hash tag (#) infront of all the remaining IP addresses that displays on the screen. After that Restart your device and then check your Google Play Store, it should be working fine.

It worked for me and hopefully it will work for you. So these are some of the method you can try to fix your Google Play Store Error.  Let me know if it worked for you and even if you know any more method comment below.







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