Have you recently been on the phone with someone who said your audio wasn’t clear? If this occurs, you might blame it on a poor connection. You might, however, be experiencing problems with your device’s microphone. The worst-case situation is that your mic is broken, in which case you may not be aware of the problem. Here’s how to know and fix Android microphone not working.


What Could Be The Cause?

How and why do microphone issues occur? There are several reasons why your microphone can become distorted, but a dirty phone is the most prevalent one. You might be shocked to see how much filth accumulates on your phone if you don’t frequently clean it. Software upgrades and the installation of third-party apps are two more common culprits. These frequently disable or modify your microphone without your knowledge. Physical problems, such as hardware damage from improper handling of your phone or internal malfunctioning, might also harm your mic.

How To Be Sure?

It is advised to test your mic if you think it might be faulty or malfunctioning. There are some easy methods for doing so.

Recording your voice and listening to it is the quickest and most straightforward approach to testing your microphone. To identify the issue, you can quickly notice if the recording sounds distorted. You can use the voice recorder that is typically included with Android phones. Install a voice recorder application from the Google Play Store if you don’t already have one on your device.

Fix Android Microphone Not Working

If you’re still unsure about your microphone, you may test it with a system and hardware diagnostic tool like Phone Doctor Plus. The software will run a number of tests and report back on the health of your microphone.

How to Fix Android Microphone Not Working?

Now that you know your mic isn’t functioning properly, you may start the repair process. Let’s go over several solutions to the issue since there are numerous causes for your phone’s microphone to malfunction. If it is not a hardware problem, you can easily fix the issue.

Check Dirt and Debris

Even if your phone has an IP68 classification for dirt and water resistance, if you don’t regularly clean it, dirt can accumulate in tiny holes like the microphone port. Wiping the phone is insufficient because dust and other microscopic particles may still get inside. The mic is a tiny hole that is often found at the bottom of the phone next to the USB connector. Use a tiny pin, thin needle, or something similar to carefully clean your microphone. The other option is to blow straight at it to get rid of all the junk that has accumulated. Be careful not to blow too hard or force the pin too far.

Check The Protective Case

If you use a case for your phone, make sure it isn’t obstructing the microphone port first. It’s possible that the microphone is functioning well, but the case is blocking the hole, causing it unable to hear your voice clearly or at all. If you got your case straight from the phone maker, this probably won’t be a problem. But occasionally, third-party cases may have manufacturing flaws that prevent a hole from being placed exactly where it should be.


Sometimes the best answer is the simplest one. Restarting your smartphone cleans out all running processes and shuts down all open apps, refreshing your system. It might offer a speedy solution to your issue.

Fix Android Microphone Not Working

Configure Settings

A feature known as noise suppression or noise reduction is included on several Android smartphones. When you are making a call or filming a video, noise suppression helps to lessen the background noise. It’s quick to assume the mic is broken because the output can sound a little disorienting to individuals who are unaware of this. To ensure the microphone is working properly, turn off the feature.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Call Setting.
  • Look for Noise Reduction and disable it.

The exact path might differ from device to device.

Fix Android Microphone Not Working

Check Bluetooth

Mistakes happen. The possibility that you left the phone plugged into a Bluetooth device or any other gadget with a mic exists as well. If that’s true, your phone will utilize that microphone rather than the one that comes with it as its main microphone. Check for connected devices under Settings > Bluetooth.

Google Pixel 7 Bluetooth Disconnecting

Check for Bad Apps

One of the main reasons for phone problems is third-party apps. Many users encounter abnormalities but dismiss them as nothing more than bugs but they can mess with your phone’s settings. In this approach, the source of your current problems can be applications that have access to your microphone. Restart the phone in safe mode, which temporarily disables all third-party apps, to ascertain whether or not your microphone troubles are related to a third-party app.

  • Press and hold the Power button to reveal the Power Menu.
  • Long press the Power Off button.
  • Tap on Safe Mode.

Make a test call or just use the recorder app to test the microphone once you’re in safe mode. If your microphone functions normally in safe mode, then an application is to blame. A list of applications that use your microphone may be found in the Settings menu.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Apps.
  • Tap on Advanced.
  • Select Permission Manager > Microphone.

In the worst-case scenario, there is a strong likelihood that your phone is broken. Mics are brittle components that are readily broken by drops or water damage. It is preferable to take the phone to a professional in this situation so they can identify the problem with your device.

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