The annoying screen issue known as “ghost touch” affects Android displays. It happens when your screen responds to touches that aren’t actually being applied and begins to move icons or tap buttons on its own. A screen that is physically damaged may not be as bothersome as this ghost touch problem. We’ve put up a list of tips to assist you in fixing the ghost touch problem on your Android smartphone. Let’s look at the meaning of ghost touch and how to fix ghost touch on Android.

What is Ghost Touch on Touchscreens?

No, a phantom touch or ghost touch doesn’t really indicate that a ghost is operating your touchscreen. The phenomenon known as “ghost touch” occurs when a touchscreen device executes a command even if you didn’t tap or touch the user interface. Every touchscreen gadget is made to respond to touch commands. The touchscreen device should launch the appropriate app whenever you touch an icon, for example. However, there are times when a touchscreen device might issue a command even when no real touch was made. Ghost touches are such occurrences. Ghost touches are annoying because they make it difficult to operate a touchscreen device. Ghost touches can either automatically launch unwanted apps or close running apps, based on how and when they happen.

fix ghost touch on Android

Ghost touches are frequently caused by dust or dirt on the interface of the display. When left unchecked, particles that have accumulated on touchscreen devices’ display interface over time might obstruct their ability to recognize touch commands. The touchscreen device can assume you executed a touch command while you didn’t when there is dirt or dust present. If you place any touchscreen device close to a conductive material, like your car keys, you can encounter ghost touches. Your touchscreen gadget will react to touch inputs from all conductive items if it uses capacitive technology for power. Overheating is another reason for ghost touches.

How to Fix Ghost Touch on Android?

Both hardware and software problems have the potential to cause ghost touches. Let’s look at what you could do to fix this issue.

Replace Charger

Problems with ghost touch frequently happen just when devices are plugged in. This is particularly probable if you utilize a cheap charger or cord. The component of the phone which interprets your touch signals, the screen digitizer, is essentially affected by the operation of these adapters and charging cables. Charge your device with a new charger and cable set and see if the issue still exists to determine if your charger is to blame. If the issue is with your charger or cable, we advise that you swap it out for an authorized model from the maker of your phone.

Check Overheating

An extensive number of bugs, including ghost touches, can be brought on by overheating issues. Turn off your Android phone and take off the case if it starts to get unusually warm. Stand by until your device has cooled. Check your battery’s utilization status after turning it back on. Apps that frequently consume too many system resources or your battery should be removed. See if you can see any changes. Also, take breaks while gaming on your Android to prevent it from overheating and causing ghost touches.

fix ghost touch on Android

Clear Background Apps

Having numerous running apps in the background might lead to a number of issues. In general, background programs can result in system errors that could result in ghost touch. So, clearing these is a smart first step in troubleshooting. The basic rule is to access the overview screen by pressing the overview button, though the procedure may differ from device to device. Too many background processes can also cause the device to overheat as mentioned above.

Clean Screen

Your fingers must make physical touch with the display in order to conduct any actions. This implies that if the screen is contaminated with foreign substances like debris from the environment or dirt from your fingertips, it can affect the functionality of your screen and result in a ghost touch. So be sure to frequently wipe your touchscreen to get rid of filth.

Fix Ghost Touch on Android

Replace Screen Protector

Screen protectors are quite helpful in preventing cracks and scratches on your phone, but they can also be problematic. Ghost touch issues may result if debris or moisture gets between the screen protector and the screen. Additionally, inferior protectors actually cause more harm to your phone’s screen than good. The touch responsiveness of a screen behind these screen protectors is impacted by the subpar materials utilized to manufacture them. To check if it helps, try taking off your screen protector. If it does, clean your screen before switching out the protector for one of higher quality.

Fix Ghost Touch on Android

Update Device

As was previously said, software errors rarely cause ghost touch. Nevertheless, your phone may experience ghost touch issues due to outdated software or faults. The majority of bugs are patched with updates, so make sure your device is updated to fix these. Who knows, maybe it is caused by a software bug and the manufacturer has rolled out an update to fix it.

Fix Ghost Touch on Android

Factory Reset

This is an extreme step but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. If nothing worked, you might have to factory reset your device. Resetting all of the settings to default, provided the device is up to date, is another method for resolving software-related ghost touch issues. By removing the underlying software problems causing ghost touch, will cure it if faulty software or a troublesome app is to blame. Before you reset your phone on an Android device, create a backup. This is crucial since a factory reset will erase all of your data, and erased data cannot be recovered.

Fix Ghost Touch on Android

Replace Screen

If you aren’t able to resolve the device’s ghost touch issue, the screen may need to be changed. The screen can be aged, have water damage, or have a defective component. You’ll need to locate a qualified technician to change the screen in certain circumstances. The best solution for ghost touch, like other screen difficulties, is to take the gadget to a service center for repair. The manufacturer of your phone may agree to replace it with a new one if it is still covered by warranty. Otherwise, you will have to repair it.

Hope we could help you fix ghost touch on Android.

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