There are several alternative methods to unlock your Android device, in the event that the power button on your phone is broken or you’re just sick of hitting it all the time. You can automate the entire procedure, lock and unlock with a double tap, turn it on by waving your palm in front of the screen, and much more. Here are numerous methods for waking up the device without touching the power button. Here’s how to unlock Android without power button.

How to Unlock Android Without Power Button?

Various sorts of damage, such as a damaged power button, can and do occur on smartphones. A broken power button cannot be fixed unless you get it repaired. The only issue is how to proceed if the smartphone has lost its power button and is off. The good news is that even with a broken power button on an Android smartphone, you can still turn it on. This article will help you if your power button is damaged and if it is totally broken while your device is locked. Here’s how.

Unlock Android Without Power Button

What If The Power Button Is Damaged?

Follow this if your power button is not totally gone and you can still use it to wake your device. It is on the verge of being totally gone so it is better to use one of the following methods to wake up your device.

Setup Android to Automatically Wake Up

While the majority of current Android phones now come with a lift-to-wake feature, if you have an older phone model, you can still use this amazing feature by downloading the Gravity Screen app. Without using the power button, Gravity Screen automates the entire process of turning on or off your phone’s screen. Not only does it eliminate the need for the power key, but it also doesn’t involve any participation from you.

Unlock Android Without Power Button

Gravity Screen can track the movements of your phone. When you pick up or take your phone out of your pocket, it can unlock the device based on sensor data. Additionally, the program has an alternative mode of operation. Gravity Screen will thus automatically turn off your phone when you put it on a desk or in your pocket. There isn’t much setup required for Gravity Screen. Begin by downloading the application from the Play Store. Launch it after installation, then allow the Device Administrator access. You can configure the app to work as per your preferences.

Use Biometrics

You don’t need a power button or an outside app to unlock smartphones utilizing fingerprint sensors as well as facial recognition technology. Simply put on your face in front of the front camera and you’re in. Almost all of the modern Android devices have biometrics unluck that doesn’t require you to press the power button but simply put your finger on the sensor. Go to System > Security to set it up.

Unlock Android Without Power Button

Double Tap

On your Android device, check your Settings to see if the double-tap to turn on and double-tap to turn off functions are enabled. Go to Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures if you have a Samsung phone. You can find a lot of useful settings in the movements and gestures section, such as the ability to double-tap your screen to switch it on and off. With this setting, you can also find double-tapping to lock and unlock your phone.

Unlock Android Without Power Button

You can also use a third-party app like Smart Screen the feature is not available on your Android.

Wave to Unlock

Your hands can also serve as the power key if you’re attempting to wake up the device without a power button. With the help of the WaveUp app, you can lock or wake up your phone simply by waving your palm over the proximity sensors. When you take your smartphone out of your pocket, WaveUp can activate the screen similarly to Gravity Screen. Also, setting up WaveUp is a quick process. It has the unlock gesture enabled by default. Enable the Lock Screen setting and allow the Accessibility permission to use it as a lock screen.

Remap Power Button

You may remap the power button using one of the many third-party apps on the market. One such app is Button Mapper. Remapping custom actions to any buttons is simple using Button Mapper. A single, double, or long press of a button can be used to start any app, shortcut, or custom action that has been remapped. Most mechanical or capacitive buttons, including capacitive home, back, and recent apps keys, as well as several assist buttons, can be remapped using Button Mapper.

What If the Power Button Doesn’t Work?

You can use all the above methods, but you still need to unlock your device. What will you do if your device is locked and the power button is completely broken? How do you install those apps? There’s a trick.

The simplest approach is to charge your phone. The screen will turn on when the cable is plugged in, signaling that the battery is indeed charging. At this point, you can enter the PIN and access the Google Play Store or your phone’s settings. On Some phones, you need to tap on the “charging animation” to reveal the lock screen.

If your button is just gone, meaning it fell out, you can start by placing a thin object (such as a toothpick or a hairpin) in the hole that used to have the power button.

You can also use ADB to reboot your device. You will need to install ADB drivers first and use the following code.

adb reboot


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