There are few things more annoying than having your phone randomly restart when you are trying to complete a task. You are not required to constantly deal with it. Numerous factors could be to blame if your phone restarts frequently. You may have downloaded a questionable application, your phone may be overheated, or the battery may be running low. Let’s find out what causing the restarts and try to fix Android constantly restarting issue.

Why is Your Android Constantly Restarting?

Although Android is a reliable smartphone operating system, serious problems can nevertheless arise. System-wide crashes that compel the device to reboot itself can easily be caused by outdated system software releases, sluggish apps, faulty application caches, etc. Let’s look at some of the causes for Android constantly restarting issue.

Bad Apps

Random restarts are typically brought on by a bad app. Try removing any unused apps. Especially any apps that manage email or text messaging, make sure the programs you do use are trustworthy. The Android may be restarting at random because of an app that is operating in the background. Try the following measures if a background app is thought to be the culprit.

  • Press the Overview
  • Find the app that you think is the culprit.
  • Open Settings > Apps.
  • Find the app and tap Force Close. You can also uninstall it if it indeed is the culprit.

Disabled System Apps

You may have accidentally disabled an important system app while you were uninstalling unwanted apps. The reason why your Android device keeps restarting can be that you disabled too many essential apps which are necessary to run the OS.

Fix Android Constantly Restarting

Look under Settings > Apps and swipe through the list of “Turned Off” or “Disabled” apps to see if any are required for the device to operate correctly.


Many Android smartphones are built with automatic shutdown features in case they get too hot. The device can restart or shut down if you try to use 4G or GPS while it’s 100 degrees outside and the display is on its brightest setting. Consider turning off any unnecessary features. Shutdowns caused by overheating shouldn’t happen frequently though. If it does, take your device to a service center asap.

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How to Fix Android Constantly Restarting?

Now that we’ve gone through some of the potential causes, let’s look at the fixes.

Update Software

The idea of updating the OS to take advantage of the newest features, fixes, and security updates is common if you own a Windows or Mac computer. It’s the same with your Android phone. The manufacturer and model of your phone will determine how many updates you get. However, if your phone’s system software is outdated, it can lead to problems that require a restart. As a result, you ought to look for updates.

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Update Apps

You must make sure that all the apps on your phone are running the most recent version in addition to updating the operating system. Based on the type of application and the developer’s involvement, some apps will receive updates more frequently than others. When using a specific app or when it is operating in the background, your phone may restart, indicating that the app is the likely source of the issue. The app developer may have released a patch for the crashing, or you may be using an outdated version of the application which is incompatible with the Android version.

Reboot to Safe Mode

Your phone could restart suddenly as a result of a malicious program. You need to use safe mode on Android to troubleshoot this. Only the device’s essential apps will function in safe mode, making it an excellent way to determine whether an app you downloaded is the problem. It’s safe to believe an app you’ve downloaded is the root of the problem if your phone won’t reboot when in safe mode. As a result, until you locate the malicious app, you should delete each of your apps one at a time, starting with your most recent download.

  • Press and hold the Power Button.
  • Long press the Power Off icon on the Power Menu.
  • Tap on Safe Mode.

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Clear Storage

Only a certain amount of storage is available on your phone. You may experience issues with your phone, like abrupt restarts, if under 10% of the storage is free. You should therefore free up some space on your phone. There are several methods for freeing up space. You can eliminate unnecessary apps, clean the cache, and remove the downloads folder for instance. As an alternative, you may increase your storage. Purchase a microSD card if your phone supports expandable media to increase storage. Alternately, upload data to a cloud service, such as Google Drive or OneDrive.

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Check Overheating

Your phone can reboot or power down to safeguard itself if it overheats. Your phone may become warm while performing demanding tasks, such as playing a game for an extended amount of time, but if this happens frequently, there may be a problem.

Factory Reset

If you’ve tried the steps above and your smartphone keeps restarting, you may try the last resort: a factory reset. Your device gets erased, and everything is reset to default. You must therefore make a backup of your Android before continuing. Even if a portion of your Google account data is stored in the cloud, your personal files and any app data are probably local therefore you do not want to lose them.

  • Open Settings
  • Go to System > Reset.
  • Tap on Factory Reset and follow the instructions.

Replace Battery

Is your phone restarting still? Your phone’s battery may be nearing the end of its useful life. This is particularly likely if the phone restarts with significantly less battery life than it did previously. Unfortunately, most modern Android phones’ batteries are not the easiest to change. You’re in luck if your phone seems to have a removable back since you can buy a new battery and install it. If not, your best options are to check if the manufacturer provides repairs, visit a reliable repair center, or purchase a new phone.

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