The new Samsung Galaxy S20 is a magnificent and powerful device. It is capable of handling any task you give it and any app you want to run on it. But no matter how top-notch the specs is there is always a possibility for some error to ruin your experience. There have been reports of an error that has been bugging some S20 users when trying to use the YouTube app. When trying to use the app, it gives out the 500 internal server error. Here’s how to fix 500 Internal Server Error on Galaxy S20.

 Fix 500 Internal Server Error on Galaxy S20

It is possible that the error is not coming from your device’s side but from YouTube’s server. But it is wise to rule out any possible problems before making any assumptions.

Method 1: Restart Internet

The most common solution to try out when trying to fix any error related to the internet is to restart it. Check your internet connection first and see if it is working well on other devices. Open a web browser on another device and see if the site loads. Also, check if the YouTube app is working properly on the other device too.

If the culprit is the internet connection, then a simple restart might do the trick if the problem is not coming from your ISP. If the connection is fine on other devices and its only your S20 that you see the problem then you can toggle WiFi off and on again. You can also turn on Airplane mode / Flight mode.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error on Galaxy S20

If that didn’t work, trying forgetting the network. To do so,

  • Go to Settings > Connection > WiFi.
  • Tap the gear icon located next to the name of the network you’re currently connected to.
  • Select “Forget”.

Method 2: Force Close YouTube

The app might be the problem here. You need to force close the app and even clear its cache to rule out any possibilities. To do so,

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Find the YouTube app and tap on it.
  • Hit the Force Stop button.
  • Tap on Storages and then press the Clear Cache button.

Method 3: Check Updates

If the problem is on the app itself, the developer might have rolled out an update to patch the issue. It’s better if you check if there is an update. To do so,

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Open the side panel by either swiping from left to right or tapping on the hamburger icon located at the top left corner.
  • See if there is an update for YouTube. If there is, hit the update button.


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