Apple has recently launched iPhone 7 as its Flagship phone of the year. One of the most awaited smartphone of the year is iPhone 7. People were expecting more from the new iPhone. Though iPhone 7 is somehow similar to previous model 6s in design wise, some major changes has been seen this time. Now you won’t see the headphone jack on the new iphone instead you have to connect them over Lightening.  

Apple AirPodsThis time you won’t get the traditional earphone instead you will get a new wireless AirPods. It has clear sound with some interesting features. According to the Apple, this wireless AirPods is one new step toward the future of wireless accessories. Apple introduce first wireless chip W1 chip in Airpods. It is the first of its kind to produce intelligent high-efficiency playback while delivering a consistent and reliable connection.

Infrared sensors which detect when each Airpods is in your ears or not so they only play once you’re ready to listen. You will be quite amazed to know that whenever you take out the AirPods, the music automatically pauses. If you take out one AirPod out, then only that one will stop playing music, other will continue to play the music.There is so much technology packed into each Airpods.

diagram Airpods

Motion accelerometers also respond to your touch allowing you to access Siri with a double tap on any AirPods. When you speaking, voice accelerometers recognize the vibration and source of your voice, then working with the pair of beam forming microphones, reduce external noise.

Each AirPods provides five hours of listening on a single charge, while the compact wireless charging case delivers more than 24 hours of battery life.  Also if you want to charge the AirPods it is easy, the AirPods case has built-in charger, so you can charge directly jut by placing the AirPods into the case and if you want to charge the case just plug-in to lightening. The w1 chip enables intelligent connection to all your apple devices and allows you to instantly switch between whichever one you are using.

How to set/ connect AirPods to iPhone:

Apple has just made it simple to connect  Apple AirPods with the iPhone. There is no buttons, no switching, no pairing, or un-paring to connect with iPhone. These things are the traditional ways to connect with the smartphone or iPhones.

connect AirPods to iPhoneSimply open the case of Apple AirPods. As soon as you open the case, you can see the user interface pops up and says Connect on the screen of the iPhone. Just tap connect and there you go. You have successfully connected the AirPods with you iPhone. This AirPods also works on the other smartphones and the previous models of iPhone-like 6s, 6s Plus but there you have to go manually through Bluetooth connection.

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There is incredible audio experience, you can listen to beautiful music and stereo or if you want to use any one AirPods just to talk to Siri, make a phone call, it automatically routes the audio across whatever you choose to do just by double tapping on any AirPods. The sad part of this whole thing is that you cannot increase or decrease the volume and change the track automatically or with any gesture. Either you have to do it manually through the phone or double tap the AirPods to command to increase-decrease the volume and other feature. During the commanding to Siri the music will be paused.

The cost of the Apple AirPods  is $159. Apple AirPods are so small that you can carry around with you everywhere. But you better be conscious in the crowded place or while walking, if you wearing AirPods because you might lose it easily and it will cost you another $159. So it is your choice whether you want to have the new Apple Airpods or stay with your wire earphones.



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