You all know Opera – the web browser with built-in free and unlimited VPN. Even if it may not be your primary browser, you still use it regularly. Opera works great as a primary browser and it is powerful. The latest version of Opera has one important feature that you didn’t know you need. From Opera version 55 and above for Android, you can force dark mode on those web sites which still do not support dark mode. This will help all of you nocturnal nerds who love to stay up late and just browse the web. You can now control the temperature of the color of the web pages along with how dark you want it to be. The browser now comes with updated dark mode with added settings and tool to darken the pages that are piercing white. Here’s how to enable Super Dark mode on Opera browser.

Enable Super Dark mode on Opera browser

The major new feature if this stable release of Opera for Android is its updated Night Mode. You have to activate it manually since it is disabled by default. Below are the new options you will find on Opera version 55;

  • Change the temperature of color for altering blue light emission.
  • Toggle for using a dark theme.
  • Force enable dark web pages for those sites which do not support dark themes by default.
  • New feature to dim the keyboard.
  • Scheduling of night mode so that it can be enabled and disabled automatically after a certain period of time.

enable Super Dark mode on Opera browser

It is better if you use Super Dark Mode with Night Mode for added options to customizes the darkness or dimming of the sites and keyboard.

Follow the steps below to enable Super Dark mode and Night Mode on Opera browser;

Step 1: Open the Opera browser.

Step 2: Go to Settings.

Step 3: Enable Night Mode. Toggle Use Dark Theme located under color and dimming settings.

Step 4: Enable Dark Web Pages. This is it. This will make every web page dark; even those which do not support them.

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