With the release of Android 10, we can see a lot of changes in the Android ecosystem. Starting from Android 10, Google has ended the tradition of dessert names and went with full-on gesture controls. But Android still remains as the OS we know and love. Google has added additional security and enhanced existing features. As a whole, the new addition to the Android family may feel like a continuation of its predecessor, but there still are distinctive differences between Android 10 and Android Pie. Some noticeable features are the addition of dark themes, the notifications are easier to manage and privacy permissions are warier to manage. Another nifty feature is “At a glance” widget. This Pixel exclusive widget, when placed on the home screen would provide you with info such as date, current weather, along with calendar events. Fortunately, there is an app on the Google Play Store that can make this widget available on any Android. Here’s how to get Google calendar events on Android home screen.

Get Google Calendar Events on Android Home Screen

If you have a Google Pixel device with Pixel Launcher, you already have this feature because of the “At a glance” widget. If you don’t own a Pixel device, you can still use this feature via the Google app as they later embedded this feature into it. If you haven’t installed Google app yet, install it now and update the app if you haven’t.

To use this widget, follow the following steps;

Step 1: Long press on the home screen.

Step 2: Tap on Widgets.

Get Google Calendar Events on Android Home Screen

Step 3: Navigate to the Google App section.

Step 4: Find and drag and drop At a glance widget.

Now that you have the widget on your home screen, tap on it and you’ll get into Google Calendar. Add events to the calendar and it will directly appear on your home page. On a Pixel device, these events are also seen on the lock screen. “At a glance” widget will show you date and weather most of the time but when an important event or information surfaces, it will alert you. Right now you can see calendar events, upcoming flights and traffic conditions with more info type being added in the future.

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