Developer Options is nice to have in our Android device, whether it be our smartphone or wear (android smartwatch). With the increasing popularity of the Android wears, it is really necessary for the geeks about how to enable developer options and debugging in Android wear, since it is one of the main reasons why one uses an Android device. Here we are posting a tutorial about this.

enable Developer Options and debugging in Android wear

To enable Developer Options and Debugging in Android Wear, access to the settings of the device first. Follow the given steps:

To access Settings:

Method 1

  • Say “OK, Google” to your watch.
  • Simply say “settings” to bring up the settings menu. OR;

Method 2

  • Turn on your Android Wear display and tap once to open Voice Command.
  • Click the up arrow to access the command list.
  • Scroll down and click on Settings.

After you have accessed your settings,

To enable Developer Options,

  • Scroll down and click on About (in the settings menu which you’ve accessed through above given process)
  • Scroll down a last time to Build Number. Tap on build number repeatedly, which should be at least seven times, until a bubble appears saying you’ve unlocked the developer options. This method is the same as that on the Android smartphones, and had you done it before, you can do it easily.

To enable USB Debugging

  • Use the above given methods to access settings in your Android wear.
  • In the Settings menu, go to the Developer options (you will find it easily, as you have already enabled it with the method as mentioned above).
  • In the Developer Options, you will see the option of USB Debugging in the third (from the top).
  • Enable it, and you are done.

You will now onwards always have the Developer Options enabled in your Android wear, and you can enable and disable the USB Debugging option whenever you want. You will find a number of options which are useful in the Developer Options. Be careful with what you do though, since if you don’t know enough, you may end up doing something bad to your Android wear. Enjoy being a developer!




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