datally logoGoogle’s newest app focuses on helping you control data usage on your smart device. Datally, which was made available worldwide was released a few days ago for every device running Android 5.0 and above, enables you to control the amount of data you use on your device and cut the usage whenever you want to. The app is designed to be simple yet super effective. Google organized a test run in the Philippines and the feedback was excellent. The users reported that the app saved 30% of their data plan. Control your data with Datally.

Datally was released as a part of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative, which is focused on making its products more usable in countries with limited and expensive internet availability. This app was created particularly for Southeast Asia, where the cost of mobile data is rather expensive.

Other than helping users cut their data usage, Datally also provides the users with updates on how much an app is consuming data like a “speedometer” for data. Plus, you’ll get an alert when you’re near a public WiFi so that you can connect to it rather than keep using your mobile data. This is to tie the app to Google’s free WiFi that was rolled out across India and some countries in Southeast Asia.Control Your Data With Datally

Peeyush Ranjan, the VP of engineering for Google’s Next Billion Users initiative stated “There is, in my view, a Silicon Valley blind spot. That is why with things like Next Billion Users initiative at Google, we are building technology which we know is meant for these markets. When we solve it, it brings those technologies to the world”. Other apps like Google Tez are also the part of the initiative.

Datally is for those who cannot afford to use excess data and tend to turn it off after a web page finishes loading. However, if you do not care about losing some data then this app is not for you as cutting off background data will hurt your devices’ overall experience.

Download it on Googole Play here

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